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IELTS Speaking

Here you will find a collection of tips for IELTS Speaking test

IELTS Speaking samples

Click here for a collection of IELTS Speaking samples

23 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking”

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  2. Hello.
    I just want to thank you all about this website .. it really help very much .. and i really like this type of studying..but i have a question about the speaking test ..
    Should i Reply in a small answer ?or i should give the answer in a large conversation ? ..
    please .. i am waiting your replying please ..
    Thank You .

  3. If the question is in the first part, the interview, then it can be short, but not a one-word answer like “Yes” or “No”. If the question is in the third part, the discussion, then you should speak at length.

  4. Thanks for this very informative website. It helped me a lot.
    My HongKong speaking test is somewhat difficult maybe because she knows i speak english fluently, she asked me “Is it justifiable for CEOs and top ranking position managers to be receiving that huge amount of pay?” i was a lil bit taken aback by the question but i answered it pretty well i guess coz i got a high grade.

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  6. Hi, are you on it or you have completed. If u are on please let me know as i am searching for for a freind to help me practicing english speaking.

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