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How to take IELTS just ONCE, and get the score you need

Did you know? When people decide on a date to take their IELTS test, they often go with just a random date. Whenever the test centre has seats available. Whenever the deadline for their uni application is. Whenever they can get some time off work. This causes many test takers to do the test before they are really ready. What happens next is, they get a score that is lower than they need, and then they have to take IELTS again. Is there a better way? Yes, there is.

Don’t wait until your IELTS test to discover that your Speaking score is a Band 6, but you need a Band 7. It’s too time consuming and expensive. Discover well before the test what your score is and use the time you have to work on it. The end result will make you happy!

As you know, we have been working for a long time with former IELTS examiners. Previously they have been assessing Speaking and Writing at the British Council for over 10 years, and so they are the best people to evaluate you, and tell you how to score higher. They never speak in general terms! Our examiners’ advice is always laser-sharp and to the point, showing you all the issues you need to work on, and HOW to get an improvement.

Watch this video we made especially for users, explaining step by step how you can get feedback from a real IELTS examiner on your personal performance in Speaking – and you will see why you really should do that BEFORE taking the test!


Click here to get your Speaking assessed

Don’t miss your chance to hear from a REAL examiner what you should do to get a higher score. There really aren’t many services online to offer you that, and at such low price. We have so much faith in our examiners’ professionalism that we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee – you will get your money back if you’re not happy with the quality of the feedback you will receive. But to tell you the truth – out of everyone our examiners assessed so far, not a single person complained (and we surveyed every customer!).

Instead, here is what people are saying:

“​Thanks a lot for the opportunity to take interactive IELTS Speaking test. It was a pleasure for me. ​There is my opinion about the report – it’s amazing. I have never had a so accurate evaluation with ​such detailed analysis of my mistakes. I have nothing bad to add. It’s awesome.”
– Alina from Russia

“​This is as close to a live interview as one can get to train for the real IELTS exam. I really liked the way you structured the report – it is precise, direct to the point and it “screams” how tailored it is to my specific use of the English language. What the report states has a perfect balance between being precise and broad, and it was sufficient for me to understand all the things that I needed to understand, and take the most benefit from it.”
– Rafael from Brazil

You can read more feedback from our users here.

This is why we know YOU will have a great experience, and it will help you get a much higher score.

So, if you are thinking about using our Speaking evaluation service and have any questions, doubts, anything else to say – leave a comment below and we will reply.

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