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IELTS Speaking Band 8 Sample Test with Examiner’s Feedback

Do you know what score you would get in the IELTS Speaking test? Many people don’t; it’s hard to guess, especially taking the IELTS for the very first time. So here is a way – if you can speak like Rafael in the video below, your score is likely to be close to his (Overall Band 8).

In this video Rafael, an IELTS test taker from Brazil, is answering typical IELTS Speaking questions. His goal is to estimate his current IELTS score, and learn how to increase it. The breakdown of Rafael’s score by 4 IELTS criteria is revealed by the examiner at the end of this video (Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation).

The questions are appearing on the screen as Rafael answers them. Note that every question has a number (Q1, Q2, etc) and the examiner in his evaluation report is referring to Rafael’s little mistakes in every question. It’s great to watch the entire video first, and then go back to the specific questions as you read the evaluation report. It will help you understand what exactly the examiner means when he says something like

Q4 – plural ‘cinema’ should be ‘cinemas’ as you are talking in general.

Download Rafael’s speaking evaluation report here

Listen to the way Rafael approaches every question, how he discusses the issues the examiner asks about, what points he makes, what vocabulary he uses, and see how your own speaking compares to his.

This can also be a great exercise for you – what would YOU say in response to these questions? Try and answer them, pretending you’re in the examination room with your Speaking assessor.

If you’d like to get your Speaking evaluated just like Rafael did, you can – go here to learn how.

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