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IELTS Reading

Here you will find a collection of tips for IELTS Reading test:

10 thoughts on “IELTS Reading”

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  2. Hi there,

    I took an Ielts test last week in Melbourne. there was a question kept bothering me,because I was/am still struggling with its answer.

    Could you help me with it?

    It’s a T/F/NG question:
    in context(can’t remember exactly) basically describing two laws(law A and law B) that can protect consumers’ rights. there is no right or wrong order when choosing them. However, companies suggest consumers to use law A first when making a claim.
    The question is: consumers should choose law A first when making a claim.
    I chose TRUE as my answer because I tested it this way ‘consumers shouldn’t choose law A first…’ which is obviously FALSE.

    What’s your opinion on this.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi there, with T/F/NG questions I usually prefer to read the original text and the questions, because obviously wording matters a lot here. But anyhow, based on what you’re saying it seems that the text says “there is no particular order to use laws A and B”. So if the question is “consumers should choose law A first to make a claim”, it can be False, because although the companies suggest this, the other part of the text says “there is no particular order to use these laws”, and then this question contradicts the text. If the question was “companies recommend consumers to use law A first when making a claim”, then it would be True.

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  5. Can u please tell me how i should do self study for ielts exam
    How much time i should devot to each module
    And please tell me how can i improve my score in each module
    I need 8 band

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