Calculate Your IELTS Result – Get Your Band Score in Reading and Listening

This calculator converts the number of correct answers into an approximate IELTS Band Score.

15 thoughts on “Calculate Your IELTS Result – Get Your Band Score in Reading and Listening”

  1. Calculator for reading and listening can be found eadily. Please help by providing writing calculator. Or do help by checking tasks accordingly.

  2. Hi Fatema, there is no such thing as a “writing calculator” – because writing is never scored automatically, it takes a person to do that, and the person has to be trained in grading IELTS writing. We have a writing correction service you can use to submit your writing and get it back checked and graded with mistakes highlighted and corrected, and with suggestions how to score higher. You can visit this page for all the details and also to download samples of checked writing tasks.

  3. Hi Simone, I am not able to find the IELTS Band score calculator on your website; is there anyone can help from your team; many thanks in advance

  4. I am having the same problem as Shakir — I cannot see the IELTS Band score calculator on the page where it should be.

  5. This is in reply to everyone who can’t see the calculator on this page – please leave a comment and let us know what type of device you’re viewing the website on, and what browser you’re using. We will find out what is causing your inability to see the calculator, which works on most devices and is visible in most browsers.

  6. Hello Simone, the page appears & the calculator is not showing on the page. I have tried in all major three browser i.e. IE, Chrome & FireFox on my laptop. Please get this fixed, thanks.

  7. Hello Simone, did you made any progress to get this issues fixed? looking forward your earliest response; thanks, Shakir

  8. We found that this page works on most computers and mobile phones – can you try opening it on another device and/or in a different browser? There might be a little delay between your opening the page and the calculator appearing. But yes, we’re still looking into making it work everywhere.

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