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IELTS-Blog App for practice is here!

Now you can use every spare moment to work on your IELTS skills. Prepare for your Academic or General Training exam while commuting, on your breaks at work, between lectures at uni, or even while waiting in a queue. Maximize your prep time, to maximize your score!


Work on ALL IELTS skills in ONE app

Launch the IELTS-Blog App, and you have everything you need to study at your fingertips. Use it on your mobile phone or your tablet – anytime, anywhere. The practice tests in this app are proven to work – they helped thousands achieve great results.

Practice in Listening

Take an interactive Listening test and check your answers with a tap of a button.

Do a full Reading test

Do a full Reading test, Academic or General, enter your answers as you go and see if you are correct.

Practice in Writing

Do a full Writing test (Writing Tasks 1 and 2), compose your response and compare it to the model answer.

Get your Writing corrected

You can send your writing to our teachers straight from the app and get their feedback and an estimated score.

Take a Speaking test

Do a simulated Speaking test: record your answers to Speaking test questions and re-listen later.

Find out your score

Send your Speaking recordings to our examiners right from the app for evaluation and feedback, and learn how to score higher.


Facts & Questions

What’s in the IELTS-Blog App?

· Mock tests covering all IELTS skills

· Listening practice test, interactive with answers

· Reading practice test, interactive with answers (Academic and General)

· Writing practice tests with model answers (Academic and General)

· Speaking practice test (record yourself)

· An option for you to submit your writing and speaking for evaluation

Does the App work on tablets?

Yes, it does – this App works on any mobile phones and any tablets, Apple or Android. Download and give it a try!

Is the App free to use?

Yes, the app is completely free. You can practice as much as you like without spending money. The only two things in the app that require payment are submitting your writing for correction and grading, or submitting your speaking test for assessment. You can pay for these services on our website.

Does the App need an Internet connection?

Once downloaded, the App will work without a live Internet connection. You will need to connect to the Internet only to send your writing or speaking for evaluation. All your answers are saved locally, on your device.

Are the App tests easier or harder than real IELTS tests?

The tests in the App are very similar to the real IELTS tests. This is why your score in the App will be very close to your score in a real IELTS exam. Use the App with confidence, and you should have NO SURPRISES in your exam!

How does the App help me with Writing and Speaking?

With IELTS-Blog App you can submit your writing tasks for correction and receive feedback from experienced teachers, who will help you understand what you are doing wrong and how to improve. You can use the App to take a Speaking test and receive a detailed evaluation report from a former IELTS examiner that will reveal your strong and weak points and suggest how to increase your score by 1 whole Band.

IELTS-Blog App can also deliver the latest IELTS questions straight to your Inbox, so that you can practice in answering them and face the test with confidence. Tap the Subscribe button to take advantage of this free service.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

We will be happy to clarify anything for you – contact us and get your answer straight away.

Excellent app for IELTS practice

Shihab Max

It is easy to use and also so useful for candidates and trainers. Many thanks

Mehdi Matin

” It’s amazing for IELTS practice “

Rajwinder Kaur

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