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38 thoughts on “Contact us”

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  4. Hi, i am asking about the package of 8 tasks
    (1) can all of them be task 2
    (2) does it make a difference if i am applying for general/academic so you will send me the suitable task
    (3) i read that i had 2 days to submit the whole 8 tasks ocnce i subscribe, is that correct?

  5. Hi Islam, in response to your questions

    (1) – yes, they can be all task 2
    (2) – we send topics suitable for academic and general so that all exam types are covered
    (3) – you misunderstood, if you buy a package of 8 tasks, it is valid for 2 years. The task will be returned to you within 3 days, checked and graded. You can submit at your own pace.

  6. Hi
    I just a now buy trial to assess my task 2
    But I don’t know how u assists me
    I will send question on e mail or I choose one from me

  7. Hi Harry, if by ‘coaching’ you mean attending IELTS classes at a language academy, then yes, you can get Band 7 without doing that. You can get Band 7 or higher after self-study at home. All you need is a study book, enough will power to work regularly towards your goal, and practice, practice, practice.

  8. Can I make payment for task 8 via money gram and if so let me know because I don’t have access to bank account for payment as I wish to get help in preparation for July exam on academic IELTS

  9. Hi Sir my IELTS exam is on 1 August 2019 for academic and I want to increase my score in reading task. How can I increase my scores

  10. Hlo sir i am not able to use different types of sentences in task 2 and vocabulary is my an another problem
    What could i do ?
    Plz help me

  11. Hello,

    I have purchase 3 books for IELTS General training practice tests. They are general set 3,4 and 6. I was trying the first practice test and for the listening section i used the website give for downloading the audio file, but i am unable to do so. It does take me to the website but it doesn’t have the section i am looking for. Can you please help me look in the right direction.

  12. Hi Margesh, sorry to hear you’re having difficulties accessing the audio. Most people get onto the right page without a problem, but if you made a small typo in the web address then your browser won’t take you to the right page. I emailed you about this, please reply to my email and I will re-send you the right download link.

  13. I have recently appeared for Ielts speaking test. I believe the test itself went well however, I did not get enough time to answer the last question. Just after the final question was asked by the examiner, he stopped the timer, ending the exam.

    My answers were all long and the examiner even asked me one extra question to assess one idiom I used.

    How will it affect my score?

  14. Hi Rafi, I don’t think you should be worried about that, as it seems your examiner had all he needed to assess your Speaking. Your running out of time indicates that you’ve given full answers and used every opportunity to speak. The best thing for now is to forget about IELTS and start thinking about it only when your score arrives. Hope you get your target score!

  15. Hi Atefeh, thanks for getting in touch! In case you were wondering, you can prepare for IELTS by yourself, using nothing but this website. Many people have done that and got their target scores. Let me know if you need any help of if I can answer any questions for you.

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