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IELTS preparation services

Here you will find useful services for your IELTS exam preparation.

Online Services

1. Writing Correction service

2. Speaking Assessment service

Online Courses and Products

1. IELTS Online Preparation Platform

2. Impress your assessor

3. IELTS Practice Tests for download

4. Complete IELTS Preparation Course

24 thoughts on “IELTS preparation services”

  1. Hi,
    Please, where can I get IELTS (writing) questions and answers for task 1and 2 on this blog. I want to check the format that was used. Thanks in advance

  2. I checked the correction service that you provid.. But it mention that I should enter shipping information and details…

    And I do not want shipping I want to be sent via email

  3. Sudheer Kumar Yelleti

    Does preparing for IELTS help in passing the CELPIP exam as well or are the formats completely different?

  4. There is a considerable difference between the formats of the two tests. However, working on your skills for IELTS such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking will serve you better for CELPIP as well. When you are able to listen to a conversation, understand what is being said and answer questions on it, that is something that’s tested in both IELTS and CELPIP, even if the format of how you are tested is different.

  5. hello am Jeremiah and this is my first time learning ielts. I want to know the steps I have to take in the preparation towards this exams

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