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Successful case studies

Case studies of successful people who used “Ace the IELTS” or “Target Band 7” books to achieve high score in their IELTS exam.

Featured Success Story: From Band 6 in Writing to Band 7, in just 4 Weeks

Ask anyone who tried to raise their IELTS score from 6 to 7, and they will tell you it’s not that easy. The reason why is simple: it’s hard to improve when you don’t know your mistakes.

To improve, you need to know what you’re doing wrong, learn how to do it right, and then practice in doing it the right way until it becomes second nature to you.

This is how Anshika achieved success in IELTS and raised her Writing score from Band 6 to Band 7 in less than a month.

Who is Anshika? A lovely young lady with a dream to emigrate from India to Australia or Canada. To make her dream come true, she had to take the IELTS test – and this is how we met.

Band 7 in IELTSAnshika bought the book ‘Ace the IELTS’ four weeks before her second IELTS exam. Her main worry in IELTS was Writing – in her first exam she only got Band 6, despite scoring Band 7.5 or higher in Speaking, Reading and Listening.

Anshika didn’t have the luxury of time – there was less than a month left to prepare before her second test, and she also needed a significant improvement in her Writing score. You could say she was highly motivated to maximize her score in a very short time!

And that is exactly what happened. The templates and suggestions in the book helped Anshika fine-tune her writing, and our writing correction team provided feedback on her written responses. This process uncovered some problems that Anshika was then able to fix and, as her writing improved, her confidence grew as well. Anshika followed the study plan in ‘Ace the IELTS’ for 21 days and on the test day felt that she did well.

After the test Anshika anxiously waited for the results. The two weeks stretched like two months, but finally… an email from Anshika arrived:

“I wanted to inform you that I have received my IELTS score – listening 8, reading 7, writing 7, speaking 7.5.

I was particularly nervous about writing, it was the best 7 of my life.

Thank you so much for your guidance and books. Essay correction service and sample essays helped me to achieve my desired score. “

It’s emails like this that bring us absolute joy. Congratulations, Anshika, on achieving IELTS Band 7.5! Everyone at is SO HAPPY for you!

If you’re on Instagram, join us in celebrating Anshika’s achievement. Who knows, the hero of our next success story could be YOU!

Featured Success Story: Rehan Got IELTS Band 8 After 5 Weeks of Preparation

IELTS Band 8 is a score many test takers dream about and work very hard for. This remarkable result that Rehan achieved in short 5 weeks of preparation was the reason for his email to us, which made our entire team very happy:

Band 8 in IELTS“I sat for IELTS Academic in October in Sri Lanka, and was able to achieve an overall band 8 score (Listening-9, Reading-8.5, Speaking-7, Writing-7). and ‘Target Band 7’ book were great assets to help achieve my target in the first attempt. Furthermore, feedback provided for self-recorded speaking test by teachers has enabled me to improve my weakest component, which was speaking.

Thank you very much team.”

We were far too curious to leave it at that. Experience shows that advice from people like Rehan can make a huge difference to other test takers, and he kindly agreed to a short interview. Here is what we learned – and remember, reading Rehan’s advice is just the first step, but implementing what you learned is the more important step, and the one that will give you great results. How did you hear about our website and the book ‘Target Band 7’?

Rehan: I encountered your book while I was searching for a Band 7 book at a library (British Council Library). Then the book directed me to your website. Did you try other websites or books before and ‘Target Band 7’? What websites/books?

Rehan: IDP IELTS essentials YouTube channel, IELTS-Liz YouTube channel and a book ‘Improve your skills-Writing for IELTS with answer key’ by Stephanie Dimond. Was this your first IELTS test?

Rehan: Yes. How long did you prepare for IELTS?

Rehan: 5 weeks. How did you organise your exam preparation, did you have a study plan?

Rehan: Yes, the plan suggested at the end of ‘Target Band 7’ book. What features/parts/topics of did you find helpful? How did you use them?

Rehan: Speaking and writing tests samples were the ones I used mostly. Furthermore, after finishing listening activities I listened to those audios again and again. How did you use the book ‘Target Band 7’ in your preparation?

Rehan: The book is exceptional. Even though it’s a relatively small book, all the key points are summarized nicely. I went through most of it within couple of days. More specifically, speaking test sample questions and writing tests helped me a lot. Your Listening score is the perfect 9. How did you achieve that?

Rehan: Always focus on spelling to prevent losing marks unnecessarily.
– Get familiarized with audios by listening to them even after finishing the test.
– Listen to good English (BBC podcast) daily.
– Be aware of traps in the listening tests such as answer is not the first sentence, but the second, especially when they are talking about prices.
– Practice to forget about the things you missed in a one section and divert the attention to next one quickly.
– Practice, practice and practice. Speaking was your weakness. How did you overcome that and achieve Band 7?

Rehan: I practiced answering sample speaking test questions in the book, recorded myself and listened.
– Got my speaking recording assessed by the teachers who revealed few important errors which I’ve being making (self correction and long pauses).
– Listening test audios were saved in my tab and I listened to them repeatedly while traveling.
– English was used to communicate with others as much as possible.
– I purposefully listened & watched only the English media.