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Sara’s IELTS Success Story: Juggling Family and Study to Hit A Band 8

IELTS High Scorer's Advice Band 8 Tips May 2024

Every IELTS success story has something special about it, from personal dedication to smart study strategies. Today I would like you to meet my student Sara and learn about her inspiring journey. Balancing a demanding job and a new baby, Sara didn’t just take on the IELTS – she nailed it, scoring an impressive Overall Band 8.

Getting to Know Sara

Sara was up against it from the start, balancing her career with caring for a 4-month-old. But her strategic approach to studying for the IELTS really paid off.

Here’s How She Did It

Listening 8.5: At work, Sara’s day-to-day involves chatting with people from all over, which really tuned her ear into different accents—a big plus for the IELTS listening test. She also hammered out practice tests from our High Scorer’s Choice Set 1 book. Her motto? “Practice makes progress”, and it certainly rang true, helping her ace the listening section.

Reading 8.0: Sara was all about soaking up as many tips as she could from other test-takers (posted on and diving deep into practice with loads of Cambridge test books. She tackled a ton of Academic reading too, even though she was preparing for General Training IELTS. When you prepare for a harder test, you do really well in an easier one!

Writing 7.0: Writing was a tough nut to crack for Sara, but she didn’t shy away from it. Two key things that made a big difference were learning from our teachers’ feedback and using vocab + sentence structures from sample essays. As a result, Sara pulled off a score she once thought was just a dream!

Speaking 8.0: Limited time meant Sara couldn’t practice with cue cards as much as she’d have liked. Yet, she nailed the speaking part by giving solid answers that showed off her conversation skills.

Sara’s Takeaway

Looking back, Sara says, “Writing was my biggest weakness. However, I am so fortunate that I found your website and I opted for your writing correction service. Additionally, I followed your advice and sample essays and scored a Band 7 in writing (my dream score in Writing!). I am so happy that I managed to get the score I wanted in the IELTS, even with a baby on board!”. Her story is a fantastic reminder that with the right help and smart planning, you can overcome the odds.


Sara’s story isn’t just about impressive scores; it’s about managing life’s responsibilities while chasing big goals. Her experience proves yet again that determination and the right support will take you all the way to success.

If you’re aiming to mirror Sara’s achievement, remember that a realistic study plan, regular practice, and professional feedback are your best friends. Let Sara’s story inspire you to go after your own IELTS goals!

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Rim’s Inspiring IELTS Success Story

IELTS High Scorer's Advice Band 7 Tips May 2024

Getting ready for IELTS can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not using English daily. Let’s look at Rim’s journey, a determined student from an Arabic-speaking country, where French is more commonly used than English. Rim turned to for guidance and achieved remarkable results.

Living in Tunisia, with French as the second language, Rim had been studying English for 12 years but rarely used it. When she decided to take IELTS, she wasn’t sure how to prepare and found by searching “how to study for IELTS”. Despite a pause in studying for personal reasons, Rim persevered. She took the test and scored a Band 7 overall, with an impressive Band 8 in Listening.

Reflecting on her experience, Rim thought about what might have been if she had been able to continue her studies. But at the same time she was proud of her performance, knowing she had made the most of her situation.

Rim has some encouraging words for anyone else feeling unsure about taking the IELTS: “For anyone feeling intimidated by the IELTS, or doubting their abilities, I say just go for it. Don’t underestimate yourself or what you have in mind. Our potential can really surprise us.”

Rim’s story isn’t just about passing a test. Its about pushing through doubts and using every resource at your disposal to overcome challenges. Your determination combined with our support provided via is all it takes to meet your goals – or excel beyond expectations!

If you’re preparing for the IELTS, remember – you’re capable of amazing things with the right preparation and mindset. Get in touch if you need any help.

Congratulations to Rim on achieving a Band 7 overall – with an impressive 8 in Listening!

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