An IELTS Speaking question: What do you do for the environment?

If your exam is tomorrow and they ask you: “How are you helping the environment?” – what do you say?

Well, here is an idea. It’s not my idea, nonetheless it’s an excellent one. Everybody, meet Wayne Kirk and he will teach you how to save the world.

Wayne Kirk lives in Chengdu, China and he is a man on a mission. He started a project that will help us all to stop the Global Warming by growing a plant that absorbs CO2 in unbelievable amounts.

The plant is Algae and it can convert 30 times more CO2 than any other plant. Growing it is easy and Wayne has a very simple explanation how to start on his website. Click here to quickly learn and start reducing your carbon footprint.

Why should you care? Well, if you decided to grow the plant, that’s wonderful and you will be doing a favor to the environment, your kids and your grand-kids, but even if you didn’t – this is something you can tell your examiner if they ask you “What have you done for the environment so far?”

So go ahead, check project’s website and enrich your IELTS “things to say” list!

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