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Full IELTS Speaking Test, Free Sample #2 (with Examiner’s Commentary)

Speaking Test Sample #1 became a very popular resource as soon as we put it on the blog, which is why today we’re sharing Sample Speaking Test #2. You are about to get free access to a new, full IELTS Speaking Test recording, with examiner’s commentary and a transcript. This test was recorded by a real past IELTS examiner and another future test-taker (Deniz), and is a very close simulation of what happens on the test day in the real examination room.

Here is how it can be useful to you:

1. You can get familiar with everything that happens in the Speaking test, and feel prepared when it’s your turn.
2. You can listen to the examiner’s questions, test-taker’s answers, and think about what YOU would say in response to these questions.
3. You can spot the test-taker’s mistakes and avoid them in your own speech.
4. You can go over the Examiner’s Commentary, learn how he rated the student’s performance and why (he also points out some of the student’s mistakes!)
5. You can even use this as a Listening exercise, and refer to the transcript to understand every word on the recording.

Watch the YouTube version here:


Or listen to the recording on SoundCloud here

If you find this resource helpful, there are more Speaking tests here. They aren’t free, but very affordable and worth every cent, because they will help you prepare for scoring your best in IELTS.

7 thoughts on “Full IELTS Speaking Test, Free Sample #2 (with Examiner’s Commentary)”

  1. how to make cue card more effective what things are using so that i can get more band score

  2. I could barely hear what she was speaking as she mostly used her nasal voice. It seems like she caught a cold

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