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Welcome to our Speaking Evaluation service!

Can you speak with confidence and no errors, using the right vocabulary? Are you pronouncing words correctly, can people understand you easily?

Have you failed to achieve your target band score before and don’t know why? Or is it your first time, you’re nervous and have no idea what band score would you get in your IELTS exam?

You don’t have to guess any more.

It all ends now. In less than a minute you could have a chance to get a complete explanation of what you’re doing right and wrong, what your current band score is, and how you can get better and achieve your target band.

Most people don’t really know how they can win or lose marks in the IELTS Speaking test. Is it better to give short answers or long answers? What if I say something my examiner doesn’t’ like? Should I use formal language or slang? Should I answer and stop, or keep talking until the examiner stops me?

Get an unfair advantage on everyone else – get your Speaking graded by our teachers. Don’t miss this chance to improve before your real IELTS exam. All you need to do to get their advice on Speaking is to record yourself speaking for 2 minutes, and send the recording to them.

How Speaking Evaluation will help you

You will receive a complete analysis of your speech, including:

IELTS Speaking All the erroneous sentences typed and errors highlighted – so that you will never repeat them again.

IELTS Speaking An explanation why these are errors and what the correct version is – for you to remember and use in the real exam.

IELTS Speaking An estimated band score – for you to know whether you’re ready to take the IELTS or more preparation is needed.

IELTS Speaking An estimated score for every criterion IELTS examiners use:

1. Fluency and Coherence,
2. Lexical Resource (Vocabulary),
3. Grammatical Range & Accuracy,
4. Pronunciation.
This is for you to understand your weak areas and work on them.

IELTS Speaking An explanation why you were awarded that particular band score for each criterion – so that you know what exactly to work on.

IELTS Speaking Clear and practical suggestions for improvement – so that you know what to do, step by step.

How to get your Speaking skills evaluated

There are just 2 steps to make:

Step 1: Make a payment and you will be taken to the Speaking Evaluation page.

Step 2: Record yourself following the instructions on the Speaking Evaluation page.

Did you expect more steps? Sorry! 🙂 Told you it’s easy.

Buy Now

Click on the button above to make a payment of $8. When finished, you will be taken to a web page with instructions how to submit your recording for evaluation.

To record yourself all you need is a quiet room and a microphone, plugged into your computer and working (or a mobile phone/device that can record your voice). Once the recording is ready, you will simply email it to us.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Give Speaking Evaluation a try, record yourself and get the teachers’ feedback. See how easy to use and how helpful it is.

And, if you’re not 100% satisfied, or if you changed your mind about having you Speaking evaluated, or if you couldn’t submit your speaking recording for any reason, I will refund the full amount the same day you let me know.

Evaluated Speaking Samples – real students, real reports.

To show you how we do it, here are some recordings of real students, analyzed by our evaluation team. Listen to a recording first, and then open its evaluation report. This is what your evaluation will look like.

Speaking sample 1

Download Speaking Evaluation Report – click here.

Speaking sample 2

Download Speaking Evaluation Report – click here.

Speaking sample 3

Download Speaking Evaluation Report – click here.

Speaking sample 4

Download Speaking Evaluation Report – click here.

More Speaking Samples

Take me to more recordings and reports

Why we will help you score higher in IELTS

If you have spent some time reading IELTS-Blog, you know that I care about my readers above anything else. I want you to succeed and I want you to get your best possible score. I am committed 100% to helping you achieve your goal and I work 7 days a week to be there for you, when you need me.

If you have used IELTS-Blog before, you might have sent your writing tasks to be checked by Benchmark – a dedicated team of teachers headed by Nipun Jain, and they all are just as committed to your success as I am. These are highly skilled, experienced professionals with lots of experience in IELTS preparation, and they will help you to improve your Speaking, just like they helped many students get a better score in their Writing.

What our students think

IELTS SpeakingIt does really work and is the best way to prepare for the Speaking test.

Thank you very much for your evaluation report. It was really helpful and now I could see my weak points. I think it is a great opportunity for people like me, who would like to pass IELTS. I tried before to find any useful site or suggestion to improve my speaking test, unfortunately I couldn’t. So, what are you doing now, it is a great idea! It does really work and is the best way to prepare for a speaking test, exactly what we need.IELTS Speaking


IELTS SpeakingTo tell the truth, my tutor had not evaluated my speaking as accurately as your teachers did.

Dear Simone,
I received the speaking evaluation. It was really helpful. I am preparing for another IELTS test and I think that taking in to account your assessors comment and suggestions will help me to improve my speaking skill and get higher score .To tell the truth, my tutor had not evaluated my speaking as accurately as your teachers did.
Thanks a lot.
IELTS Speaking

IELTS SpeakingWow, that sounds fantastic…

Hello Simone,
Thank you very much. Wow, that sounds fantastic.. you always improve your services as I can see..
it’s a great service.
IELTS Speaking


To your higher IELTS score!

Simone Braverman
Founder of

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