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IELTS Speaking – what to expect (a Discussion)

The third part of the Speaking test is called a “discussion”, but guess what – you are going to do all the talking :).

The topic of a discussion will be related to the topic of the second part (the Speech / Cue card talk), but the difference is that here you should EXPRESS AN OPINION and explain why it is what it is. This is the part where you should compare two opinions, present several points of view, say what your perception is, what future developments might follow, etc.

This part usually takes 4-5 minutes.

Just for you to get a feeling of what it’s like, click here to listen to recorded session , and here is the transcript, all from official IELTS site.

This is really the part where you’ve got to have an opinion on anything and everything.

Any topic you get, you must have something to say about. So here is a good idea – go over Speaking questions from real exams that we post here and think about them a little bit, see what vocabulary you are going to need, try to answer them taking turns with a partner or just by yourself, in front of a mirror.

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