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IELTS Speaking test in Ghana – November 2011

Our kind friend F from Ghana has shared his IELTS Speaking questions.

Speaking test IELTS test in Ghana


– Where do you come from?
– Why do you like the place where you live now?
– Is it a good place to raise children?

– When did you first use the Internet?
– How often do you buy things online?

– In your country, at what age do people celebrate their most important birthday?
– What do people do on their birthdays?

Cue Card

I’d like you to talk about a photograph you once took. You should say

– When you took it
– Who you took it with
– What it shows
– Why you like this particular photograph

Follow up question: Have your friends seen this photograph?


– Does one necessarily need skills to take a good photograph?
– What can you say about people who take good pictures, yet have no skills?
– Why do you think some people don’t like having their photograph taken?

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