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IELTS Model Essay Samples Band 9, 2023

Last updated: May 3, 2023

Here you can find IELTS Essay samples of Band 9, written by a native English speaker and a former IELTS examiner. Robert Nicholson is the co-author of ‘High Scorer’s Choice’ IELTS Practice Tests book series, created in collaboration with Simone Braverman, the founder of this website. New essays are being added weekly.

Click on one of the topics below to jump to essays on that topic.

Crime and Punishment
Family and Children
Global Issues
Government and Laws
Housing and Town Planning
Media and Advertising
Society and Social Matters
Sport and Exercise

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Crime and Punishment

Former prisoners commit crimes after release (reasons and solutions) – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Education

Schools should teach their students how to survive financially in the world today (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1
Some people believe that teaching music in schools is vital, while others think it is unnecessary (opinion) – Sample essay 2
Teachers should be required to conform to a dress code (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 3
Many people nowadays travel abroad for their university education (discuss) – Sample essay 4
Some schools insist that students have laptops in class (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 5
Should governments or teachers be responsible for what is to be taught in schools (opinion)? – Sample essay 6
Do schools still need to teach handwriting and mental mathematics skills (opinion)? – Sample essay 7
Should boys and girls be educated separately (opinion)? – Sample essay 8
Should school children be given homework (opinion)? – Sample essay 9
Schoolchildren today take part in short work experience sessions instead of school (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 10
Artificial Intelligence will take over the role of teachers (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 11

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Environment

Wildlife population around the world has decreased by around 50 per cent, what can we do to protect wildlife? – Sample essay 1
Increases in fuel prices are the only way to reduce world consumption of fuel (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2
Ending the world’s reliance on fossil fuels will be a positive development (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 3

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Family and Children

Some parents think that children must do house chores (opinion) – Sample essay 1
Is using physical force to discipline children acceptable (opinion)? – Sample essay 2
Women, not men, should stay at home to care for children (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 3

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Global Issues

Some people believe that the world’s increase in population is unsustainable, while others think it is necessary and beneficial (opinion) – Sample essay 1
The world today is a safer place and governments should stop spending large amounts of money on their armed forces (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2
With the scale of globalisation today, it would be best to have a single world currency (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 3
There is a moral necessity today for the richer countries of the world to help the poorer countries develop (agree/disagree)Sample essay 4

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Government and Laws

Should the government put a tax on fast food to reduce obesity (opinion)? – Sample essay 1
Some people believe that the problem of illegal drugs can be solved by legalising all drugs (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2
Unemployment payments encourage people not to seek work (opinion) – Sample essay 3
Individuals should be responsible for funding their own retirement (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 4
Households should have a government-imposed limit on the amount of rubbish they produce (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 5

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Health

Some say that people should diet and exercise to lose weight, while others think they should eat better and change their lifestyle (opinion) – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Housing and Town Planning

Today’s governments struggle to create enough housing for increasing populations while protecting the environment (opinion) – Sample essay 2
In some countries private cars are now banned from city centres (advantages/disadvantages) – Sample essay 3
Is banning cars from city centres a positive or negative development? – Sample essay 4
The advantages and disadvantages of high-rise apartment living – Sample essay 5
Some people like to own their home while others prefer to rent it (discuss) – Sample essay 6

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Language

Is learning a foreign language essential or a waste of time (opinion)? – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Media and Advertising

The number of advertisements for charities is increasing, what is causing this? – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Science

Breakthroughs in medical science are the most significant advances over the last two centuries (opinion) – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Society and Social Matters

Some people believe that everyone has a right to access to the Internet and governments should provide it free (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 1
Should copyright materials such as music, films and books be freely available on the Internet (opinion)? – Sample essay 2
Can the society cope with the larger number of elderly people and how? – Sample essay 3
Athletes and entertainers’ enormous salaries reflect our dependence on entertainment (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 4
Is it acceptable that enormous sums are paid for pieces of art when many people around the world live in poverty? – Sample essay 5
Everybody should pay a small amount from their income to help people in poverty (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 6
Only people over 18 years old should be allowed to use social media (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 7
Libraries are not a necessity anymore because of the digital resources available today (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 8
Is fashion a significant part of society, or a waste of time and money (opinion) – Sample essay 9
Traffic on roads has become a problem in nearly every country in the world (solutions) – Sample essay 10

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Sport and Exercise

Some people think that sport in schools is a waste of time and resources, while others believe it is a vital part of education (opinion) – Sample essay 1

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Tourism

Should governments impose extra taxes to restrict tourism in order to reduce pollution? – Sample essay 1
In some cities the numbers of tourists seem overwhelming, why is this happening? – Sample essay 2

IELTS Model Essays on the Topic of Work

What is the best motivation for workers – salary, job satisfaction or helping others? – Sample essay 1
Having a salaried job is better than being self-employed (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 2
Is studying at university better than getting a job straight after school (opinion)? – Sample essay 3
People today find their lives more and more dominated by their jobs (agree/disagree) – Sample essay 4

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  2. I need an example of following writing task. If you have, Can you please share it with me.
    “Some people feel that developments in science are happening so fast that it is difficult for peopleto appreciate the effects of such advances. Others feel we should trust scientistsmore and stop worrying.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion”

  3. Hi, how can I write the introduction for this essay?

    More people decided to have children in their later age than in the past. Why? Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

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  4. Hi Matthew, in the introduction for this essay you would first describe the problem while paraphrasing the topic (don’t copy it word for word) and you can also say that there are advantages and disadvantages to this decision. You can also include your opinion, or alternatively you can write your opinion in the conclusion paragraph.

  5. Dear my online teacher. Do you have a collected sample essays band 8 or 9 in one pdf. I am facing difficulty in writing. I hope you send me within a short

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