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IELTS Speaking test in Pakistan – October 2022

Our friend K.C. took IELTS in Pakistan and remembered the Speaking questions we’re sharing today:

Speaking test

Part 1 (Interview)

– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Do you study or work?
– Where do you study?
– What type of shoes do you wear?
– What is your favourite color for shoes?
– Do you often buy shoes in this colour?
– How often do you buy new shoes?
– When did you last buy a pair of shoes?

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a language that you think will become an international language in the future. You should say

– what the language is
– where the language is spoken
– when you think it will happen
– and explain why you think it will become an international language.

Part 3 (Discussion)

– Why do people choose to learn a new language?
– What problems are often associated with learning a new language?
– Why do you think learning a new language is easier for some people, but harder for others?
– Do you think people visiting a country as tourists should learn its language?

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