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IELTS Speaking test in Canada – May 2023

IELTS Speaking Recent Questions Canada May 2023

Our lovely friend ML took her IELTS Speaking test in Canada just a few days ago. Here are the questions she remembered:

Speaking test

Part 1 (Interview)

– What is your name?
– Are you currently working or studying?
– What kind of work do you do?
– Do you like your work?
– Are there any improvements your company can make for its employees?
– Do you like listening to music while you work?
– Let’s talk about T-shirts, do you like wearing T-shirts?
– How often do you wear T-shirts?
– Have you ever bought a T-shirt as a souvenir from a place you visited?
– Do you like T-shirts with pictures on them?

Go to model answers

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Talk about a place you have been to, where the air wasn’t clean. You should say:

– where this place is
– when and why you went there
– why the air wasn’t clean
– and explain how you felt about the poor air quality there.

A test taker from Hong Kong shared this cue card earlier, and we posted a model answer on our VIP Club website – read it here

Part 3 (Discussion)

– Is air pollution an issue where you live?
– What do you think are the main causes of air pollution?
– How can big cities improve their air quality?
– Why do people choose to work in big cities, but prefer to live in the nature?
– What can we do to reduce pollution?
– What could the government do to help prevent pollution?
– Some people say that we should leave the environmental issues alone, because human intervention won’t work. What do you think?

These questions, too, have been shared by a test taker from Hong Kong, and we posted model answers on our VIP Club website – read them here

14 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking test in Canada – May 2023”

  1. I will be taking my IETLS English c
    Test at the end of next month,I need your assistance please.

  2. Which things have to do for preparation of ilets is a accedmy is necessary to pass this exam

  3. I want to know about the speaking test which should speak well and got a higher band. Pl give me the tips to improvement that.

  4. That’s right, welcome to! We help thousands of IELTS test takers daily and will be delighted to help you. Leave me a comment or use the contact form on the website if you have any questions or need help with anything.

  5. Every week we prepare some high-scoring Speaking answers and post them on the blog. They are available as text and also as a podcast! Listen to these answers and make a note of the vocabulary and expressions we use, and also pay attention to the pronunciation. It will help you in every area of IELTS Speaking.
    You can find the latest morel answer here.

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