IELTS exam in Taipei, Taiwan – April 2009 (Academic Module)

Thanks to C who took Academic IELTS exam in Taiwan we know this much about the topics and the questions:

Listening test

Note: this is no mistake, the Listening is the same as in Australia.

Section 1 – a girl was looking for a part-time job.
Section 2 – a student-tutor conversation.
Section 3 – it was about a museum (with multiple choice questions A,B,C)
Section 4 – about graduates and employees, can’t remember exactly, but wasn’t hard at all.

Reading test

Passage 1 – a water extraction system used on an island, Stavo, in the Mediterrean, the questions were of “true or false” kind.

Passage 2 – about medical science, very difficult, even though the title was easy “Follow Your Nose”. I just know the word, hippocampus, a part of our brain, used for short term memory. The passage describes the nose function that associated with the brain, and quotes several experts’ researches.The questions were T/F/NG and multiple choice.

Passage 3 – about astronomy, also very difficult. It mentioned the orbits of gas, dust, and planets(Jupiter, Mars, etc.) I know the planets, but it didn’t help me. There were too many professional words. Ridiculous! The questions were T/F/N G and multiple choice.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (report)
We had a bar chart “Rates of Adult Literacy by Region”. There also was a comparison of males and females in these regions (Latin America, Arab states, Central Asia, etc.), average percentage of the world.

Writing task 2 (essay)
There are many products, but only some of them meet the people’s need. Even without advertising, they will sell well. What is your opinion?

Speaking test

– Please tell me your Chinese full name.
– What’s your occupation?

Cue card
– What’s your favorite part of your town?
– Where is it located?
– What do you do there?

Follow up questions
– Would you describe your home town?
– Which part do you think is most important?

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