IELTS exam in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia – April 2009 (Academic Module)

A student from Mongolia updates us regarding his Academic IELTS exam (thanks, D!). He says that all the topics were EXACTLY as in IELTS exam in Taiwan, except for the questions in the Speaking test. Here is what the examiner asked D:

Speaking test

– Please tell your full name.
– Tell me about your job.
– What do you like to do during your holiday?
– Do you like to go to parties?
– Whom you prefer to go to party with, your friends or parents? Why?
– Do you think that you need more holidays?

Cue card
– Who did give the most important advice to you in your life?
– Who was he/she?
– What was the result of that advice?

– Tell about an advice that you gave someone.
– What kind of characters should be required for a good adviser?

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