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IELTS exam in Karachi, Pakistan – June 2009 (General Training)

Here is a report from IELTS in Pakistan, thanks to our friend H – we all wish you a high score!
Update: the same questions appeared in IELTS in UK, in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Iran and in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Listening test

Section 1: a conversation between a girl and a man about arranging a program (the questions were to fill in the gaps).

Section 2: The questions were multiple choice and True / False / Not Given. I couldn’t exactly remember the topics, but they were difficult.

Section 3: a map and a detailed program of a festival, the questions were fill in the gaps, but in a form of table, easy.

Section 4: Types of whales with their names, etc – easy.
Reading test

Part 1: there were 7 or 8 advertisements of recreational and physicial activity clubs. The questions were T/F/NG and gap fills, easy ones.

Part 2: a passage about cherry pickers and packers, the questions were T/F/NG, easy ones.

Part 3: Factory rules for employees, times and allowances, including holidays (moderate difficulty).

Part 4. Ant types, their life and functioning pattern. The questions were summary completion and gap fills, difficult ones, then T/F/NG and matching (moderate difficulty).

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (letter)
Write a letter to an editor of a newspaper regarding your concern about construction of multistory building in the current park location. In your letter say:
1. How did you come to know about the plan
2. Why it is important for you
3. What is your opinion about this plan.

Writing Task 2 (Essay)
Doctors are against fast food but still people eat it. Why do people eat fast food? What can be done to solve this problem?

Speaking Test

– Tell me your full name.
– Do you work or do you study?
– Do you like driving?
– Why do you use car?
– When are you offered to drive a car?
– When do you allow your children to drive a car?
– What are the problems & harms of reckless or bad driving?

Cue card
Talk about a conversation you had recently
– when and where was it?
– what was it about?
– why it was important to you?

– What topics people chat about?
– What is the difference between a conversation between two men and two women?
– What is better, a conversation on a phone or a face to face conversation, why?

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