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IELTS exam in Czech Republic – December 2008 (Academic Module)

You will find this update different. Unlike the others, it doesn’t talk about the topics and the questions. Instead, it shows how IELTS exam can make you feel which is just as important. This is a story of a frustrated IELTS candidate from Czech Republic who didn’t do very well in his exam.

Listening test

I got only 5.0 in this part. It seemed difficult to me. I tried to remember what was on the tape, but I could not answer all questions. I did not leave any answers blank on the answer sheet because I guessed a lot.

Reading test

Honestly, this part made me crazy. I did not have enough time to think and decide what I should answer on the paper. I got 5.0 in this section. I was sad when I finished this part because I knew that I had a lot of wrong answers.

Writing test

I got 5.5 for this part, I could say I am Ok because 5.5 is the overall result I have to get. However, I did not succeed in the second writing part, which I did not organize well, because I didn’t have the experience in this.

Speaking test

I did not feel confident during this part of the exam. I got a bad topic, it was to describe a country where I had been and what I did there during my traveling time. Actually, I had not been in any place like that, so I told them about an imaginary country.

After the exam, I was upset with my performance and after receiving the result, I was angry too.

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