You Don't Have To Be A Genius To Get A Band 7+ In IELTS

Just learn the ONE BIG THING the successful test takers know about getting a high score in IELTS - it makes all the difference.

Anyone who took IELTS in the past knows that the amount of effort you put into your preparation DOESN'T GUARANTEE a high score.

If you need to take the IELTS test in the nearest future and you are unsure how to make it a success, you are in the right place.

You are literally one step away from a book that is GUARANTEED to help you maximize your IELTS score. It helped thousands of students to score higher in IELTS, and it WILL help you - that's a promise.

There is a reason why you came here. Maybe you don't know how to achieve your target Band Score, or you're tired of endless studying with little results. Maybe you don't have an IELTS trainer in your town or can't find good IELTS books for self study. Maybe you're very busy with your professional life and looking for shortcuts, or want to ensure a high score because you can't afford failing another IELTS test.

No matter what your reason is, you are doing a very smart thing by seeking help. IELTS preparation can be long, exhausting, frustrating and not at all productive - or it can be much shorter, easier and the results can be a lot better. You just need to change one thing - the way you study.

Simone Braverman Author Ace The IELTS Book

You must get a high score in IELTS, and have no idea how to do it.

How do I know this? Because I've been there, too. If any of this describes your IELTS preparation, I've got great news for you: I've had it all. And I know how to help.

Between you and me, does this sound familiar?

Writing a good essay is hard, because you don't have enough ideas and they take long to generate. By the time you have something to write about, there is not enough time left to finish your writing. You have trouble expressing your thoughts and the sentences come out just wrong.

Graphs are difficult to describe because you have trouble analysing them (well, you're not a scientist, are you?), and no matter how much you try, any report is taking longer than 20 minutes.

I know what it's like to always run out of time in the Reading test, because the passages are hard to understand and the questions are confusing. It's upsetting when you can't read any faster and always lose time, or concentration, especially if the texts are long.

I, too, felt the frustration of losing points on grammar, because there is no time to check your answers. I understand the desperation of not being able to achieve you target Band score, no matter what you do.

Just like you, I used to get nervous while speaking, worried about my grammar or pronunciation, and was desperately looking for the right word to say. You are not the only one whose English is often misunderstood by people, and who is convinced that unless there is someone to practice in speaking with, they will never get better.

It's not just you, whose mind goes blank when you need to speak on a topic for 2 minutes, who's left with no ideas what to say or with no words in their vocabulary.

And it's not just you who panics in the Listening section, when they go too fast, or speak with an accent, or because it's hard to concentrate and you're afraid to miss the answers.

Let's leave all that in the past. You are about to be given a step-by-step guide to IELTS preparation, that will transform your studying from frustrating, labour-intensive, long, boring and hopeless experience into an effective, focused and a much shorter one.

But how can you beat the average? Is it possible?

Yes, it is definitely possible. You CAN beat the statistics and raise your score to Band 7, possibly Band 8 - or even Band 9.

IF you're willing to listen.

Any successful IELTS test-taker knows that ...

... there is NO magic way of getting a great score in the exam.

Here is the formula: Your success depends on one thing only - the way you solve the tasks. The way you answer the questions and write your reports and essays. And people, who know the right way, get higher scores. But people who don't - score average or below.

It's really that simple.

Good news is that anyone can learn the right way quickly and easily. Even better news is that in one moment you could have access to it.

You are literally one step away from a book that helped thousands of students score higher in IELTS. Your experience will be very similar.

This book is 100% GUARANTEED to maximize your IELTS score and transform your exam preparation from chaotic and frustrating to systematic, productive and enjoyable.

Introducing the must-have IELTS guide

'Ace the IELTS', fourth edition

  • Written in simple everyday English anyone can understand
  • Covers the COMPUTER-delivered and PAPER-based IELTS
  • Guides you step-by-step through the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests
  • Gives you clear and simple tips on how to do General Training IELTS tasks
  • Shows you how to manage your time and teaches you great techniques to do things FAST
  • Has examples for every task you might ever see in IELTS
  • Tells you how to make the best impression on your examiner
  • Protects you from walking into IELTS traps (and there are many!)
  • Is up-to-date with 2024 IELTS standards
  • Will get you ready for IELTS in one month or less - that's a promise!

Here’s What You Get & Why It Works

There are four chapters that cover all the skills: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking - everything that matters, everything that affects your score is explained in those chapters. The format of the exam is described in detail - after you've read the first pages of the book you will know what sections there are, how long each section takes and what you need to do in each section. The full IELTS practice test in the book will be a great chance for you to see what the real exam is like, and to practice before it.

Read this e-book in any order you like, the chapters are completely independent, so you can skip a chapter and come back to it later. If you're good at listening, but need to work on your writing, you can go straight to the Writing chapter and study it first.

You can read this 90-page e-book in one day - in case you are time-poor and have found this website just days before your exam. It WILL help you in any case, just know this: the more you practice according to the tips in this book, the better your score will be in IELTS.

Your e-book is a PDF file that can be read on any computer, laptop or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone or tablet, etc). Take it with you anywhere - no matter what computer you have at home, at work, in your college or university, the e-book will work.


With this guide at every step you will know exactly what you're doing and why, your confidence will grow quickly thanks to the results you will be getting, and you won't be just studying - you will be preparing to maximize your IELTS score.

Why? Because after you have read it - there will be absolutely NO SURPRISES: you will know exactly what you need to do, when, why and how. You will get into your examiners' head and understand completely what they want to see.


You may be working from 8am to 6pm. You may be a student who has other exams to worry about. You may be a parent spending every waking hour, raising a family.  It doesn't matter - this guide will help you fit IELTS preparation in any of your busy days.

Why? Because it summarizes all the techniques, strategies and tips you need to know and will save you tons of time and money.

Proven Success

When you finally take the IELTS exam, prepare to be surprised by your score - it might be higher than you expected.

Why? Because this guide was tested on many students with different English skills, who achieved or overshot their target score after just 1 month (sometimes less) of studying with it.

About the Author

Simone Braverman is the founder of the website -  the ultimate free resource for IELTS self-study, visited by millions every year.

Simone's mission is to help busy people whose English is far from perfect to achieve a high score in IELTS (higher than they ever expected) after a short preparation in their spare time - even if they scored low previously, have a learning disability, too busy working 24/7 or are afraid to death of exams.

Knowing all about the difficulties of people who weren't born into English, Simone developed the solutions to their problems, which laid the foundation to her first two books that later exploded in popularity – "Ace the IELTS" and "Target Band 7".

Simone helped people from all over the world study, prepare and score high in the IELTS test. By implementing just a few her proven techniques ordinary individuals became high achievers.

Not only students and professionals, but also teachers are using her books to prepare their students for the IELTS test - and here is what they say about 'Ace the IELTS':

Why teachers recommend 'Ace the IELTS'

Gillian Hunt

IELTS tutor, United Kingdom

I will recommend this book for anyone serious about IELTS

Ace the IELTS explains precisely how the test functions. After reading this, you will understand the test sequence and requirements. You will know how to prepare yourself.

My interest is in Listening and Speaking as they are part of Academic IELTS. The tips and hints help break down listening into manageable chunks and how to approach it for best results.

Reading 'Ace the IELTS' has made the speaking test more approachable. There are many examples of how to perform at your best and plenty of practice topics.

I will recommend this book for anyone serious about IELTS.

Alvin Baker

IELTS / ESL Teacher, UK

Specific techniques will help overcome the most extreme of test day jitters

There's an abundance of confidence building advice and learning material that will make the student want to practice and practice more - the key to ultimate IELTS success. 

Ace is written in a style that urges the student to turn to the next page to see what other tips and gems are hidden. There are so many with every page devoted to provide must-know advice for exam success.

Each chapter/sub-section is completely autonomous vs others, this means the student can choose to focus on a specific area i.e. speaking, listening, reading or writing without compromising.

With strong advice/expertise to heed such as 'time' being the student's real worst exam-day enemy, the author advises the development of time-management skills, and to the minute.

If ever there was a one-stop shop of a study guide, this book fits the bill for students and their mentors alike.

D. Bottaro

IELTS Teacher, Australia

Terrific Book!

I teach IELTS and own over ten IELTS books. This is one of my favourites because the author has delivered excellent information in a short, user-friendly book.

Importantly, it is written in plain English so it is easy to understand. It focuses on plenty of useful tips and tricks which can be of great benefit for anyone who is going to take the IELTS test.

Other great features include appropriate phrases to use in the writing and speaking segments as well as an excellent study plan that students can use to prepare for the test.

It is a terrific book for IELTS preparation.

Table of Contents

Here is what you will learn


Chapter 1: Listening

You'll learn about the 9 task types you can get in the Listening test, including the kind of answer you need to provide for every task type, how many words you should write, and whether you need to tick a box or circle the correct answer.

You will be given tips how to develop your listening skill that are proven to work - even if it's your weakest skill.

You will be trained to:

1. Avoid missing answers by keeping up with the recording, even when it goes fast.
2. Quickly recover when you've missed an answer - to avoid missing the following answers.
3. Ignore distractions and keep your focus.

You will be able to recognize clues to the answers and solve all types of tasks in the most time-saving way.

You will find out what kind of traps there might be, when synonyms or generalizations are used to confuse you, or when the speaker is taking back something that was just said.

There are tips how to use instructions in the booklet to avoid making mistakes that cost you marks.

You will learn how to guess efficiently, how to eliminate wrong answers and increase your chances of success by 20%.

You will know when and where spelling and grammar are important.

Even copying answers to the Answer Sheet will become an opportunity to increase your score because of the techniques you will learn.


Chapter 2: Reading

Once you've learned the detailed test format, nothing will surprise you. You will be taught about all the 8 types of tasks you can get in IELTS, what you need to do in each, and what your answer should look like.

You will master time management and will always finish on time, thus leaving no questions unanswered and driving your score up.

You be trained to scan and find answers quickly - even if you're a slow reader. You'll learn what keywords are, how to find them and how they lead you to the answers.

The unwritten rules of where the answers are located in the passages will be revealed to you (and yes, there is a pattern!). You'll discover how passage layout - meaning the number of paragraphs - can help you find answers quickly and accurately.

You will know what to do when you're stuck on a task.

Concentration won't be a problem any more - you will know where to start in any kind of passage and will have a list of things to do, to keep you focused.

The True / False / Not Given questions will not confuse you; the answers will become crystal clear. You will have a strategy for Multiple choice questions and Gap-fill tasks. Headings matching tasks will no longer take a huge portion of your precious time.

You will be given the techniques for avoiding traps and for dealing with tricky questions. You will understand how making assumptions and over-thinking can harm your score, and how to stop doing it.

You will get links to online exercises to instill all the tips you've read in your mind forever.

You will even learn how to use your mistakes to your benefit - a very powerful technique, not known to most people.


Chapter 3: Writing

You will find out what Writing Task you should do first to maximize your score - Task 1 or Task 2 - and why it matters. This is something most people don't even think about, yet it works like magic.

You will learn about most common mistakes that many IELTS candidates make, which cause them to lose time and marks. These are the easiest points you will ever earn - because you will be earning them by NOT DOING things, and not doing is much easier than doing, isn't it?

Once you give the writing techniques you learned a try, you will become a confident writer, because you will prove to yourself that writing an essay on any topic and a report about any graph is not a problem for you any more.

You will be trained how to use psychological tricks to make your work look better, such as:

- what ink to write in (blue or black),
- whether you should indent your paragraphs or leave a blank line between them,
- what to do if you have an awful handwriting and
- how to count the number of words in your essay quickly to make sure it's long enough.

These are little things, but they add up and give you the result you want - a great score in Writing.


Chapter 4: Speaking

You will learn about all the 3 parts of the Speaking test: Interview, Cue card and Discussion, what happens in each part, what kind of questions to expect and how long your answers should be. You will go through a list of sample questions and answers - to demonstrate what you need to aim for.

You will learn when to speak and when to stop, to allow the examiner to move on to the next question, so that he doesn't feel pressed for time.

You will get an exhaustive list of possible questions and topics that appeared in the past IELTS exams (and these topics repeat a lot!). All you need to do is to think of something to say on these topics, to make sure you have the vocabulary. This way you will never be in a situation when your examiner asks something and you're suddenly "speechless".

You will be taken step by step through a technique to develop your speaking skill - studying on your own, alone, all by yourself, without a teacher or a partner. It will help you succeed in becoming a better speaker even if you don't live in an English-speaking country, don't speak English at work or at uni - it doesn't matter that English is not your first language.

You will learn how to improve your pronunciation, for people to understand you better - which will give you more confidence in Speaking.

You will be given solution to all the possible nightmare situations when you miss a question, don't understand it or don't have anything to say about it. Failure will simply NOT be an option for you.


Tools & Resources

A complete IELTS practice test is now part of the book (and you will get more tests as a free bonus!). The test includes Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections, a Listening recording and transcript showing the answers in sentences, a sample Speaking test recording with a transcript and an examiner's commentary explaining the estimated band score. The answers for the test include model responses for Writing Task 1 and Task 2.

You will get Pocket tips to bring with you on the day of your exam, to quickly go through all the important techniques and refresh everything that matters in your memory.

You will be given a 3-weekly step-by-step study plan to make sure all of your skills are in the best possible shape on the day of your exam. This study plan will help you make the most of your studying hours. No time will be wasted and you will be getting progress every day. No more procrastinating, wondering what skill to concentrate on or what task to practice - just follow the plan.

Free Bonuses

For a limited time you have an opportunity to get these valuable free bonuses with your copy of 'Ace the IELTS'.  


You missed out!

Bonus 01

15 complete IELTS practice tests for download ($43 value).

The tests include

- 15 listening, reading, writing and speaking papers
- 15 sets of audio listening materials
- full transcripts of the audio with answers highlighted
- answers for the reading and listening papers
- writing answers by IELTS examiners
- 15 audio recordings of real IELTS students doing the practice speaking tests with examiner's comments and estimated score

Bonus 02

Insider information - get the unfair advantage of learning from an IELTS examiner how to raise your score by at least one whole Band.

Offering "Learn from the Examiner" series as a free bonus - $30 value. (exclusive to and not to be found anywhere else):

1. "How To Pass The IELTS Speaking test" - a 40-page e-book

2. "How To Pass The IELTS Writing Test" - a 36-page e-book

Bonus 03

An intensive course on maximizing your IELTS score by creating a positive image in your examiner's mind, 64 pages of tips, techniques and examples.

A full collection of Writing samples, including corrections, suggestions and an approximate Band Score. The samples range from Band 6 to Band 7.5 and include both Writing Task 1 and Task 2.

The book comes with Simone's dedicated support. Ask her any question you've got, any day, any time - get your answer in 24 hours! Drop her an email to simone[at] and she will do her personal best to help you.

This book helps you avoid unnecessary failed exams, shattered confidence and endless studying... FOREVER.

There is no risk. Your investment is small. But your returns can be 


Make your exam a success with  'Ace the IELTS' !

  • Ace the IELTS book ($40.95 value)
  • 15 Full Practice Tests ($43 value)
  • Learn from the Examiner books ($30 value)
  • Intensive Course on Score Maximization
  • Model Responses for Writing Tasks
  • Dedicated Support from the Author
Just $40.95

No Risk - Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Download 'Ace the IELTS' today. Get access to all the techniques, tips and advice, training materials, sample tests, resources, even the FREE BONUSES. Put 'Ace the IELTS' to test over the next 60 days.

And, if your preparation wasn't transformed, simply let me know and you will get a complete refund. Plus, if at any point you don't feel that 'Ace the IELTS' is the solution that will achieve you the score you need, just let me know and you will get a complete refund.

Here’s what people are saying about the book

Are these test takers any different than you? No, they are not. They are regular people with different English skills. The only thing they did was put their doubts aside... and give this e-book a try.

If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short time, you can see for yourself what it's like to get a score in IELTS you never believed was possible.

Michelle IELTS Test Taker from Malaysia



Concise and useful tips to complete all test tasks well and on-time!

Dear Simone,

Thanks to your Ace the IELTS book,I have achieved the score that I need!

I would strongly recommend this book to all those who are going to sit the General Training exam. This book provides concise and useful tips to complete all test tasks well and on-time. Thanks again for recommending this great book to me.

Also, I would not have improved my writing skills so quickly without the help and advice from the teachers who performed the essay-checking service.

As you have highlighted, practice is the way to improve. I wrote a dozen essays and I have seen my score improve from 6.0 band to finally 7.5 band before I went for my test. And I achieved 7.5 in the test!

I would definitely recommend all my friends to use your blog if they need to do the IELTS.

After browsing through so many websites, yours is still the most comprehensive and useful. Thanks again for your help.

Ravishankar IELTS Test Taker USA


Philadelphia, USA

I didn't have the luxury of time for preparation... Your materials along with guidance and tips were the reason for my high score

I got my score today: Listening 8.5, Reading 9.0, Writing 8.0, Speaking 8.0, Total: 8.5

I must thank your book "Ace the IELTS" again. Your many practice materials along with guidance and tips were the reason for my high score.

When I first came to know that I had to take the IELTS test, I did not have the luxury of time for preparation. I started looking up on google for practice tests. There were just too many and it was overwhelming.

I came across your website and the comments from people gave me an impression that I should stick with this website and go according to the guidance from this one place. You were very right that no matter whether English was anybody's first language, preparation was the key to success. Until this point, I was little over-confident and was thinking about just going through freeware materials.

When I went through the first section (Listening), that is when I realized that I should get through the whole book, take the practice materials and really feel confident before taking the test. As soon as I got my copy of "Ace the IELTS", I started conquering each section. First and foremost, I found that I was not paying proper attention to instructions. I started getting better as I took more practice tests. Your tips on each section helped me. When I took Listening and Reading tests before starting to read your book, I was at band 5.5.

I started progressing and got better results by applying your tips. Underlining the key words of a question in Listening was the tip that helped me begin paying attention to the question and what to listen for. Not getting stuck in the past was another great tip what worked for me.

With Reading, underlining the key words again saved me time. I did all sorts of notes/markings to a passage that helped me understand quickly what the passage was about and what were the key elements described in a passage.

If I went back and looked at my preparation, I should grade my effort to be a moderate one. But the book helped me a lot with knowing the tricks to take the IELTS exam. I think the key was really going through your whole book and applying your tips in the exam.


New York, USA

I arrived to test center 20 minutes late... but my IELTS score is amazing!

Hi Simone,

Today I received my IELTS Score, and it's amazing. As you know, I bought your book just a week before the exam and I went through it just twice, especially through the writing and listening part.

On the day of my exam I was stuck in traffic on a highway while going to New Jersey because my exam was scheduled there.

I arrived to test center 20 minutes late, they were two more people late. Luckily, they allowed us to take the exam.

Even in that frustration I did well. That's all thanks to your book's excellent preparation methodology.

My score is:

Listening 7.5,
Reading 8.5,
Writing 6.5,
Speaking 7.0,
Total: 7.5

As Canadian immigration requires only 6.5, I am happy with my score.

All the credit goes to your book only. I love it and at the exam center I also recommended it to the people who were writing the exam. Thank you very much.

Michelle IELTS Test Taker from Malaysia

Le Tuyen


I have recommended the book to a lot of my friends for their IELTS preparation

I am so grateful that I found your book and blog to prepare myself for the exam, and now I won the test results competition, because my overall IELTS Band Score is 8.0!

Just to share with you, the book "Ace the IELTS" was the very first material that I relied on to self-study for the exam.

From the book, I learnt about and then practiced my writing tasks based on writing samples on the blog.
Again thank you so much for all the helpful advice and materials that you have shared with us so that we all can work towards our IELTS goals.  

Katherine IELTS Band 8


United Kingdom

In just a few days you will most definitely improve

As a native English speaker, it is clear that I have some major advantages in terms of what areas I need to focus on in order to pass the General Training module of the IELTS exam.

Two previous attempts had left me with three band 9's and a band 7 in writing, I needed a minimum of 8 in each section for immigration purposes and by now, I was both frustrated and anxious. This time, I would revise, I would learn how to pass this exam, I clearly needed to know the structure and how to avoid pitfalls. 'Ace the IELTS' helped me immensely and assisted in my transition from a Band 7 to an 8.5 in the writing section.

Thanks to simple practical guidelines, this book will help you breakdown the different types of writing questions asked. This is key to knowing how to answer in the format expected by the IELTS examiners. In just a few days, through great tips and strategies, varied scenarios, 'smart' words and some basic connecting structures; and with the help of concrete examples, full IELTS-like practice test and many links to web-based tests, you will most definitely improve.

Importantly, it is also affordable as there are many very expensive options out there and is therefore, a great starting point.

Safina IELTS Band 9



I scored a perfect 9 in reading!

Hi Simone,

Thanks to you I scored a perfect 9 in reading!

This was my second attempt. Although I had managed to get a decent overall score of 8 in my first attempt, the reading section in which I had scored  6.5 (due to a very common and stupid mistake of not reading instructions properly)was a cause of concern and I had to reappear again .

It was difficult to prepare for the exam again as I was working full time and had very little time to dedicate to IELTS this time around. Your books helped me immensely to work on my reading skills in a short span of time.

Thankfully I scored a perfect 9 in reading and an overall of 8 again  in my second attempt. :)

I can now go ahead with my immigration process without any issues :)

Rayan Band 9 in IELTS



There's a reason why this book is a best-seller!

Ace the IELTS is the book that came to me at the right time.

I had one month to prepare and I wanted straightforward, guaranteed tips and tricks to achieve the results I need. I ended up scoring a 9 overall! 

Thank you Simone for the time and effort you put into this book. There's a reason why this book is a best-seller!

Pradeep from India Band 8 in IELTS



I am happy to have chosen the right material

I would like to convey my gratitude for all your support in helping me achieve this big milestone. I received my IELTS result and I feel proud to let you know that I achieved an overall band score of 8.

I can say without any hesitance that it was only with your help that I was able to achieve this score and I now have eligible points to apply for the Australian immigration. I am happy to have chosen the right material and partner in nurturing my skills and preparing me for the exam with confidence.

Pushpendu from India Band 8 in IELTS



Your book and blog are doing an amazing thing

Hi Simone,

I am writing this to express my gratitude. I took a General Training IELTS test in July and scored 8.0.

I did not have much time to prepare. I just went through your book "Ace The IELTS", did all the exercises and completed 10 test sets.  Thanks again for your guidance and help. Your book and blog are doing an amazing thing for everyone who is taking the test.

Michelle IELTS Test Taker from Malaysia



Overall Band Score 7 ... I would never get this result without your help

Dear Simone,

I got my result, overall Band Score 7. This result makes me eligible for immigration to Canada. 

I would like to thank you very very very much for everything, I would never get this result without your help.

I also recommended your materials to my friends who are going to take the IELTS test. Thanks again.

Gayathri IELTS Band 7.5



My overall score is 7.5, the credit goes to your book and website

My name is Gayathri, I am one of your students from Ireland.

I am so glad to tell you that I got the needed points for proceeding with my PR process. My overall score is 7.5.

I was happy to see my report and would say the credit goes to your book & your website; they both helped me very much to improve my score. Once again my heart felt thanks for your help.

Kuntesh IELTS Band 7



I was looking for Band 6.5 - 7 for my work permit and I got it

Hi Simone,

Yes, your tips were wonderful. They have helped me beat the traps in the IELTS Exam. I have just read your Ace book for notes and done close to 12 tests.

I was looking for Band 6.5 - 7 for my work permit and I got what I was looking for.

Thanks a million Simone, for all the support and for



After I purchased Ace the IELTS and started reading it, you opened my eyes

In the beginning, I was anxious, even scared. Nevertheless, after I purchased Ace the IELTS and started reading it, you opened my eyes.

I did a search through the internet looking for a course, which could lead me to a successful performance on the test. Then, I picked you from many sites, basically for two main reasons:

1. Your supportiveness.

For the last month, I have received a lot of real information, about real people, from real locations and absolutely free. You even have taken the time explaining different issues of the exam, providing links and tips.

2. Your encouraging attitude.

It is quite simple, you use the experiences and techniques of other successful people to motivate those like myself, who hesitate about our weaknesses.

Today, I feel confident.


South Africa

Overall Band 8.5, I am over the moon!

Hi Simone,

Remember me... I wrote to you from South Africa.

Anyway, we got our results today, and I just want to share them with you, as you were such an integral part of my preparation for the exam!

Listening 8.5
Reading 8.0
Writing 8.5
Speaking 9.0

Overall Band 8.5

I am over the moon!

All the best for you and your IELTS initiative. Keep rocking!

You make a wonderful difference to thousands of people too!



I must be in heaven right now! Overall score - 8.0 

I practiced sincerely for 15 days, 2 hours a day.

I went through all your reading test passages, various types and formats - to understand the reading test. I must say this helped me tremendously - I learnt to match the right paragraph to the right answers, especially the long paragraphs, where they try to confuse you.

I practiced writing many forms of letters and essays - based on your test samples. By day 13, I was much more confident than when I had started.

The much awaited results are out! What a relief! I must be in heaven right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you, so very-very much!

Listening - 8.5, Reading and Speaking - 8.0, Writing - 6.5, Overall score - 8.0!

I am over the moon! God bless you with the best life ever.



I achieved a score 2 bands higher than I expected!

Hi Simone,

I just want to express how grateful I am. Thanks to your tips, I achieved score 2 bands higher than I expected.

So here are my results:

Listening 8.0,
Reading 8.5,
Writing 7,
Speaking 7,

Overall Band score 7.5

I learnt English just for 2.5 years and thanks to your help I got the results I needed.



This is an excellent book that produces great results

I was fortunate to receive guidance from Simone, the author of "Ace The IELTS".

I had my chance to compare several IELTS books. My Band Score convinced me that this is an excellent book that produces great results.

It improved my Reading and Writing skills a lot and I was able to receive a much higher score in a very short time.

All you have to do is use those tips, follow the techniques, stick to study plan and practice.



The most useful resource of all the available materials

Just got my report in my hands. It turned to be far better than I've expected:

Listening 8.0
Reading 9.0
Writing 8.0
Speaking 7.0
Total: 8.0

Overall, I'm very impressed by "Ace the IELTS": it is very practical, yet short enough to be digested in a matter of hours, and leaves time and tips to focus on practicing that really matters. As I had only two weeks to prepare for the exam, "Ace the IELTS" was the most useful resource of all the available materials.



Hooray, at last, I got it - overall Band 8

Listening 8.5
Reading 8.5
Writing 7.0
Speaking 7.0

Overall 8.0

Many thanks for your great help.



I was hesitant to buy your book, but good thing I did buy it

At first I was hesitant to buy your book, but good thing I did buy it. I'm actually getting anxious when taking tests, but your book appeased my anxiety and let me focus on getting a great score in the test. Your book guided me through the pitfalls and tricky questions when taking the IELTS.

My score was: Listening 8, Reading 8, Writing 8.5, Speaking 8.



Improved my score from 5.5 to 6.5

Dear Simone,

I got 6.5, for me it is enough to migrate.

Thank you very much for your writing tips. They have improved my score from 5.5 to 6.5.

Keep up the good work. God bless you.



Overall Band 7.0

My scores are as follows: Listening 7.5, Reading 7.5, Speaking 7.0, Writing 6.0, Overall Band 7.0

I am satisfied with my results of Reading, Listening and Speaking modules except the Writing score which is 6. Now I realize my mistake that I never got my writing tasks evaluated. I took it so lightly and did not use your services of getting the writing task evaluated which would have helped me to identify my mistakes to score a higher band in the writing task.

My sincere thanks to for the valuable tips and advice which has helped me to get a decent score. This score is quite okay for me for the purpose of Canadian Immigration.



Overall score of 7.5, all I did was read your book

Hi Simone,

I had an overall score of 7.5. All I did was read your book and it really helped as there were simply no surprises in the test.

I could have obviously got a much higher score had I followed your study plan, but I simply did not have the time. I have started a new job and am working on a multitude of projects at the same time, hence with the little effort I did put into the IELTS test I am happy.

My scores are as follows:
Listening 7.0,
Reading 7.5,
Writing 7.5,
Speaking 7.5



Managed to improve my writing skills by a whole Band!

I am writing with great joy to tell you that I have got the IELTS Results today and thanks to your support and the use of "Ace The IELTS" E-book, I got the score I needed.

I have managed to improve my writing skills by a whole Band using your writing technique.

 I deeply appreciate your help and support during the long and frustrating "learning for the test period" and I wish to thank you for it and for believing in me!



A great help for me... explains in detail how the test works and what we should expect

My main reason for re-sitting the test was to attain a score of 7 in each of the four components. "Ace the IELTS" has really helped me a lot in improving my writing and speaking scores.

My results this time around are just unbelievable, 8.5 in Listening, 8.5 in Reading, 8.0 in Writing, 7.5 in Speaking with an overall score of 8.0. This book was a great help for me since it explains in detail how the test works and what we should expect in each section and prepares the students accordingly.

This book helped me understand that there are five types of letters from which we will have to write one. So once I knew that I practiced all five with the help of the book and was prepared to tackle that.

The same goes for the essay. There are basically three types and we should be prepared for all. I practiced writing letters and essays with the help of the book since it has a lot of practice topics for us and it guides us on how the essay should be written to get good marks.

When I went to my speaking test I knew what kind of questions to expect since I had practiced with the help of the book. It has numerous tips which helped me act confidently, which was very difficult for me since I get nervous during interviews and it also helped me avoid mistakes which could affect my score.

It also has a lot of details on the types of questions that the examiner will be asking you and the kind of answers that we should give to get a good score. So what I did was go through all the sample questions and practice and it really helped me heaps.

Thank you Simone for this great book!


South Africa

Overall Band score 8, I only started preparing a week prior to my test.

Hi Simone,

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with getting the IELTS result I needed for the Highly Skilled Migrant Visa to the UK.

I just received my results:

Listening 8.5
Reading 9.0
Writing 7
Speaking 8

Overall Band score: 8

I only started preparing a week prior to my test (after coming across your website and acquiring "ACE the IELTS").

I must say that I would have really struggled if I did not have any idea what to expect.

I will definitely recommend your website to the visa agency processing my application.

Again, thank you so much!



Perfect book for preparing for IELTS

I had to attend IELTS for immigration purposes and I had to receive at least 6. My English is not that good but I just had to pass the IELTS exam.

In my country I could take a very expensive course to prepare for the exam, but I couldn't afford it. Also when I was searching in the internet, I found some expensive courses for IELTS preparation. And finally I found this inexpensive book and bought it.

This book is great! It explains everything about the IELTS exam in simple English, about all the parts of it. It teaches you how to prepare for each part. It has many very very useful techniques.

You can prepare for the IELTS by using only this book, I did it. I didn't need anything else (in this book there are links to additional tests that you can do for preparation). I received 7 in my IELTS!

This was unbelievable for me! Thank you Simone for this great book, you made my dream for immigration possible!

Common mistaken beliefs (tap to reveal the truth)

I don't need ANOTHER book for IELTS

The truth is that YOU DO. This is not your typical IELTS book. This book is written in simple English for everyday people. Many other IELTS books require a certain level of English, just to read and understand them. Instead of helping you, they distract you from your main goal, which is to get a high score in IELTS. I am not trying to impress you with all the smart words I know - my mission is to make sure you score the best you can in IELTS. This is why anyone who has enough English to manage living and working in an English-speaking country can read and understand my books.

My English is excellent; I don't need a book to prepare for IELTS

Attention all native English speakers, future IELTS examiners, English teachers or IELTS trainers: even if you were born and raised in an English-speaking country, or teach English for living, the truth is that you DO NEED this book - well, if you want to get a fair score, that is. If I had a coin for every time a native English speaker told me "I wonder why my answers were wrong, I was convinced they were right! This is so embarrassing...", I'd be filthy rich now.

Another reason is the crushing factor of time pressure - and we all tend to panic when there's not enough time, no matter what our first language is.

In IELTS you need to do things FAST. Of course you would get all the answers right, if you had the time. But the reality is that there are a lot of questions to be answered, a lot of writing to be done, and very little time to do it.

This guide shows you HOW TO:
* Listen, hear the right answers and write them down FAST
* Scan through the text and deal with all kinds of questions FAST
* Get your essay written FAST
* Build a speech in your head on any topic FAST

This book is no more effective than any other book

That's incorrect - IT IS more effective. The main problem of many IELTS candidates is that they focus on things that don't matter. As people are busier today than ever, time became a precious commodity and we have limited amounts of it. People, who spend their time on things that have the biggest impact on their score, get better marks. This book shows you what you SHOULD and should NOT spend the time on, thus maximizing your chances of getting a high score.

I already have your Target Band 7 book, I don't need Ace the IELTS

This is incorrect. If you are studying for a General Training IELTS exam, the right book for you is Ace the IELTS, because Target Band 7 deals with Academic module of IELTS and there are many differences.

If I have questions, no one will guide me

Not true. I am personally committed to helping you, which is why I am working 7 days a week to be available for you, when you need me. Not just me, but the whole team of the evaluators is working 6 days a week to help you find out what your mistakes are and how you can score much, much higher.

Make your IELTS a success with 'Ace the IELTS'

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I have seen so many other people, just like you, dramatically improve their score in just a few short weeks. You can do the same. The list of people I've worked with on an individual basis is endless. Working with all of these people has provided me with something that you need, and I want to give you... experience

You deserve a great score. Let's make sure you get it.

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