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IELTS exam in Philippines – October 2008 (General Training)

Thanks to our friend Martial from Philippines we have some information about the recent General Training IELTS exam – here it is:

Listening test

Tasks: fill-in the blanks from 1-10, its a little bit easy, then there were multiple choice questions from 11-40, discussion about the planning for the school enhancement.
The speaker was often correcting him/herself so better watch out! the speaking speed becomes more intense as it progresses.

Reading test

Tasks: there are matching type of questions, the rest I can no longer remember but one thing is for sure, the challenge is the TIME and not the Reading exam, so manage it carefully.

Writing test

Task 1 (Letter)
You are studying in a foreign country and for some reason you have to go back to your country without finishing college/study. Write a letter stating the appreciation to the teacher, reason for leaving, what you liked about the course.

Speaking test

The examiner asked me about the types of weather in the Philippines;
Is biking/cycling good and is it safe in the city;
What is the advantage of summer as compared to rainy season;
and other questions related to the weather in the country

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