IELTS Letters – Band 8

IELTS Writing – samples of IELTS letters of Band 8

IELTS Letter, topic: writing to a friend about an article that captured your attention

The topic of this letter appeared in a recent IELTS exam in Canada. Below is a sample response that is likely to score Band 8 or above in IELTS.

You read a newspaper article that captured your attention. Write letter to your friend and recommended reading the article. Include the following in your letter:

– Where and when the article was published
– What the article was about
– Why it is important that your friend reads it.


Dear Jack,

I hope that you are well and enjoying your new apartment. I am writing to tell you about an article I have just read in our local newspaper. It was published in “The Croydon News” on September 21 (page 16).

The article is about a new coding course, which will be introduced by the London branch of a well-known international IT company. This program covers a vast number of different topics related to the Information Technology industry, and it was prepared for individuals with different backgrounds, ranging from a complete beginner to an experienced team leader. Moreover, during the initial period of 3 months the course is free of charge and has a flexible schedule, which makes it attractive for people in full-time employment.

As I remember, you always wanted to become a software developer and said that finding suitable courses in our area was nearly impossible. I hope this article will be useful to you and may even help you start your dream career. I am attaching a clipping of the article with all the details to this letter.

Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

All the best,


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IELTS Letter, topic: complaining to a company about receiving the wrong product

This letter topic appeared in the most recent IELTS exam in Iran. Below is a sample response that is likely to score Band 8 or above in IELTS.

You have purchased a product on a website and received a different product. Write a letter to the company. In your letter

– Describe the product you ordered
– Explain why you aren’t satisfied with the product you received
– Let them know what actions you expect them to take


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing in regard to the laptop case I ordered on your website three weeks ago, order #237891. I have just received a parcel from your company and unfortunately, you sent me the wrong product.

I ordered a black leather laptop bag suitable for 15 inch devices. It has a magnetic closure and 2 large compartments, as well as a zipped compartment on the back for papers. It also has a front pocket for pens and memory sticks.

The bag I received from your company has none of the features I require. It is much smaller than the size I ordered, suits only 13 inch devices, is made of fabric instead of leather and has no shoulder strap. This bag is of no use to me as my laptop cannot fit in it, and its fabric isn’t waterproof which means insufficient protection from the elements. I travel a lot for work and water damage to my laptop is a risk I am not prepared to accept.

To resolve this issue I would like to receive a free return authorisation from your company for the bag you sent me in error, and I would also like to request that you send the correct bag I ordered as soon as possible, as I need it for work. If the bag I originally ordered is unavailable, I would like to receive a full refund to my credit card. I expect to receive a confirmation letter from you within 2 business days.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Geoff Johnson.

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