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IELTS Letter, topic: writing to thank a bus company employee for helping you

The topic of this letter appeared in a recent IELTS exam in Kenya. Below is a sample response that is likely to score Band 8 or above in IELTS.

You lost an item while travelling on a bus. An employee of the bus company assisted you in recovering your lost item. Write a letter to the company manager to thank the employee. In your letter,

– Describe what you lost and how the employee helped you find it
– Say how you felt after recovering it
– Explain why it was important to you


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the kind and prompt assistance shown to me by one of your employees at the Durban Bus Station regarding an issue that I faced after an intercity trip on one of your buses.

About an hour after my trip, I realized that I had absent-mindedly left one of my carry-on bags on the bus. I panicked since that bag contained several confidential business documents. Upon making an enquiry to the station, I was reassured by one of your employees named Julie that they would do everything in their power to locate my missing luggage.

It was an immense relief for me to learn that the bag was found after only a few minutes. The documents in it were prepared for a crucial business meeting, scheduled later in the day. Thanks to the professionalism and courtesy of your employee the meeting was able to go ahead successfully.

Please pass on my sincere appreciation to Julie for making this possible.

Yours faithfully,

Melody Rose

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