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IELTS Speaking test in South Africa – July 2010

IELTS exam in South Africa was identical to the test in Australia, according to B and her husband (thank you guys!). Here are two versions of the Speaking test they remembered:

Speaking test 1


– What is your name?
– Which country do you come from?
– Where in South Africa are you from, what city?
– Would you recommend someone to visit in your city?

Cue Card

Talk about a wild animal that you like:
– describe the animal,
– say why you like it


– Should government support the prevention of extinction of animals?
– Do you like cooking? Why?
– Do you like to travel?
– Where would you like to travel? Why?

Speaking test 2


– The usual questions.
– How many languages do you speak?
– Is it important to know more than one language?

Cue card

Describe a walk in the park with your best friend, please say
– where you went,
– why you went there, and
– what happened


– Do you think fairness in the workplace is important? Why?
– Is it necessary to reward staff?
– Do you think people use vehicles to drive short distances?
– Why do you think they do it?
– What can be done to change their minds?

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