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IELTS Speaking questions from India, Denmark and Oman – November 2009

IELTS Speaking questions from India, Denmark and Oman were shared by the “three musketeers” (V., C., and R.), and thanks to their kindness we have the 3 following sets. Strangely, many of the questions were about TV and various programs on TV – make a note to yourself. Enjoy!

Speaking test 1

First there were the typical introductory questions.
– How well people are doing with sports?
– Should children get involved with sports at school?
– How the Internet has changed your life?
– What is the role of the Internet in people’s lives these days?
– How the Internet has played an important role in different communities?
– What website do you often visit and why?

Cue card
Talk about a course that you would like to do if you had a time, you should say:
– What sort of course that is,
– Why you chose this particular course,
– Whether it is easy for you.

– What in your opinion should be the qualities of a teacher?
– Think about people that are already settled, should education/learning finish for them?
– What is the process of learning in everyday life? Should there be any resistance?

Speaking test 2

The first part was about me:
– What is your full name?
– What do you do?
– Why did you choose this job?
– What do you do with people? (I was confused, and asked the examiner whether he means “what are your duties?”, he said yes.

Cue card
Talk about your favorite TV or radio program, you should say:
– How often do you watch or listen to it?
– Do you discuss the program with anybody?
– Why do you watch it or listen to it?

– What do you enjoy more, TV or radio? Why?
– Have you ever watched or listened to a foreign TV channel or radio?
– What are the differences between the programs in your country and the foreign TV and radio?
– Should governments place restrictions on TV, radio and Internet? Why / Why not?

Speaking test 3

– What do you do for work?
– Is there training needed to prepare you for this work?
– Do you still need training for this work?
– Do you watch TV?
– How often do you watch TV?
– What are the kinds of TV programs that you watch?
– Has watching TV helped you in your work?

Cue card
Talk about an exciting sport that you know of, you should say:
– what the sport is,
– how did you know about the sport,
– what makes the sport exciting.

– Why do people like extreme sports?
– Are extreme sports popular in your country?
– Are there a lot of sports on TV nowadays?
– Did you read books when you were a child?
– Do you still read books now?
– What kind of books?

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