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IELTS re-marking success

This is an inspirational story of Nure A, who took the IELTS test in September and finally, after trying for a year and a half, got Band 7 and higher in each individual skill.

In early August this year Nure wrote an email to us and sadly shared that his writing score never reached Band 7. The highest he ever got was Band 6.5 in February, and even though he practiced and practiced for 5 months after that, two exams in July showed his writing score didn’t increase – in fact, it dropped to 5.5! This was quite disturbing for Nure, especially because he didn’t understand why this happened or what was wrong with the way he writes.

To fix his problem with writing Nure bought the book IELTS Success Formula in August and studied it for a month, until September. Nure was hoping his score would increase – after all, he was following a clear set of guidelines on how to write a high-scoring IELTS response. Imagine his feeling when he got Band 7 in Listening, 8.5 in Reading, 7.5 in Speaking, but only 6 in Writing!

And then… he knew something – or should I say ‘someone’ – was wrong. After reading the book and learning how to write a great IELTS essay, after seeing high-scoring sample responses and comparing his own writing to them, Nure felt he did a better job in the exam, and that his writing was worth more than Band 6. This gave him the confidence to apply for re-marking, and indeed his score was raised from Band 6 to Band 7.

This is what Nure wrote to us after his successful re-marking:

Band 7 in IELTS“Just letting you know that I have got my 7 each in Academic Module after trying for 1.5 years. I got the following marks: Speaking 7.5, Listening 7, Reading 8.5, and Writing 7.

What is exceptional about my result is that I had the writing module remarked, which resulted in the final mark being increased from 6 to 7.

I would like to mention that I have bought a copy of your IELTS Success Formula, which helped me a lot, especially in writing. Also, the sample tasks on your website were a great help.

Hope you keep up your good work for thousands of candidates like us.”

Have you had your IELTS results re-marked? Why not email us and tell us your story.

22 thoughts on “IELTS re-marking success”

  1. I am guessing you are considering remarking for the writing section, is that right? If you are confident your writing deserves a higher score, remarking is a possibility. Your other skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking) seem to be at a high enough level. We’ve had students who applied and received an increase in their score (and when that happens, your fee for remarking is also refunded, which is very nice!) But simply applying ‘just to try your luck’ isn’t worth it, it might just waste your time and money – if you’re not convinced your writing deserves a 7, it’s better to study, improve and take the test again.

  2. The question is, do you strongly believe your writing/speaking deserves a higher mark? On our website there are samples of speaking and writing showing the student’s scores, you can check how yours compares to that. If you think your score is unfairly low, remarking is certainly an option!

  3. Recently I got my ielts result
    I prepared so well although I was to expert at listening while practicing

    I score L-5.5 ,R-6 , W-6 , S-7
    I m planning for re-marking
    What you suggest ?

  4. Please don’t go for a remark in Listening and Reading as it may gain you higher band once in a blue moon. My personal advice is proceed with a retest with better practice and heedful action.

    Break a leg!!!

  5. Hi sir..
    Recently I god my IELTS result
    I prepared so we’ll.. although
    I scored L-7 R-6 S-6 W-5.5

    I am planning for remarking writing section just to increase 0.5 band..
    What do you suggest??

  6. Hi Shuvai, if you are happy with your other scores and wish to keep them, you can apply to have your Speaking remarked (but not the other skills). All you need to do is contact your test centre where you took the test, and ask for instructions how to do that.

  7. Hi Vinayak, if you believe that your writing was unfairly marked and you deserve a higher score, re-marking can help you raise the score. Before taking the test, have you had your writing evaluated by an expert who estimated your score?

  8. I have attempted IELTS 4 times. Each time in writing i get stuck in 6, and the rest in 7. I don’t know now what should I do to get atleast 6.5 in writing. Please give me an advice.

  9. My ielts score
    L 6.5
    R 6
    S 7
    W 5.5
    My overall band score is 6.5
    I need only 0.5 increment in writing, and iam satisfied with the overall band score.
    Should i go for EOR, is it worth?

  10. Hi Alisha, you can ask to remark only the writing test. A senior examiner will check your essay and, if your writing is worth more than 5.5, he/she will change it. As a result of remarking your score can go up, down or remain the same – all of these options are possible. Have you had your writing tasks marked by an IELTS teacher, and if yes what score did they say your writing was worth?

  11. Hi,

    My scores :

    R: 9
    L: 8.5
    S: 8.5
    W: 6.5

    I know it wasn’t my best work at writing but it feels like a 6.5 is really harsh ! Is it worth a try ?

  12. Hi Johanna, Band 6.5 for Writing with everything else being 8.5 and up seems unfair. Unless there was something terribly wrong with your writing, I think remarking could raise your score. But tell me more, please – did you fulfill the length requirement? Was your task 1 at least 150 words and your task 2 over 250 words? What type of IELTS was it, Academic or General?

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