IELTS test in Kazakhstan – November 2017 (Academic Module)

Our friend N from Kazakhstan remembered the following Writing and Speaking questions from a recent IELTS exam:

Writing testIELTS test in Kazakhstan

Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given a bar graph showing the unemployment level of young people in five European countries. We had to summarize the information in a report.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Some people say governments should build sport facilities for professional athletes. Others believe that such facilities should be open to everyone. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– What do you do?
– Do you like the job?
– Would you like to change your job in the future?

– Where do you live now?
– Do you know your neighbors?
– How long have you known them for?
– What is better, to have elder or younger neighbors? Why?
– Do your neighbours help you?

Cue Card

Describe your favorite website. Please say

– What is it?
– Where and when did you find it?
– Why do you like it?


– Some people believe books are used less nowadays. Is it true?
– Do you think the Internet can replace schools?
– Do you think the Internet is a better way to study? Why?
– Would you prefer to study online or with teachers?

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