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IELTS test in Iran – August 2021 (Academic Module)

Many thanks to the lovely F.D. from Iran who shared the following questions from a recent IELTS test:

Listening test

Part 1. A conversation between an estate agent and a client who needed a two-bedroom, unfurnished apartment.

Part 2. A lady showed some people around a resort that had a beach, a pool, a helipad and other facilities.

Part 3. A conversation between a lecturer and her student on farmers’ attitude to farm implements.

Part 4. A lecture on office spacing.

Reading test

Passage 1. A text about floral scent.

Passage 2. Don’t remember.

Passage 3. A text about some manuscript.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given a bar chart that showed the average time people spent travelling every day from home to work, in 4 cities, between the years 2006 and 2010.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

An increasing number of people choose to have cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance. Why do people want to change the way they look? Is it a positive or negative development?

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