IELTS Speaking test in Sri Lanka – December 2016

When our friend I took his IELTS Speaking test in Sri Lanka, he was asked the following questions:

Speaking testIELTS test in Sri Lanka


– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– What do you do for a living?
– Why did you choose this job?
– How often do you walk?
– Do you enjoy walking?
– Describe a memorable moment that you had while walking.

Cue Card

Describe a leader you admire. Please say

– Who is he/she?
– What does he/she do?
– How did you hear about him/her?


– What are the qualities of a good leader?
– Why do you think we need leaders?
– What is their impact on the society?
– Did the role of a leader change in the recent decades?

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