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IELTS Speaking questions from Dubai – February 2010

Another generous IELTS teacher from Dubai shares the questions his student remembered (thank you, BHS), here they are:

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– What should I call you?
– Let’s talk about your neighbors, have you ever met your neighbors?
– What problems can a person face because of their neighbors?
– How neighbors can be a great help?

Cue Card

– Talk about an old person that you have known in your past, you should say:
– who that person is,
– how you met that person,
– what influence that person had on you,
– how you feel about that person.


– How often do you meet this person?
– What do you think about the old people in the family?
– What do you think is the attitude of today’s generation towards the elderly?
– What difference do you see in the attitude of youngsters towards old people in the past and now?
– If a country has more of the old age people than working people, what would be the economic condition of the country?
– How can the old age people contribute in a country’s economics?

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