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IELTS exam in USA – October 2008 (Academic)

Here is what A. from USA is telling about her recent Academic IELTS exam:


First part is Gym application filling (easy!)
I forgot whats the second part about…
Third part its really fast, it was about an author who wrote science fiction, the recording was fast and the answers followed one after another, by the time you write answer for one question, the answers to the next questions come…

Frst passage – dead easy.
Second passage was on some psychology topic. The tasks were to match the headings and multiple choice questions.


Task 1 (report)
We had 2 graphs. First graph was bit confusing: x-axis years, y-axis number of employees and the graph is working hours its in range like 16-32 hrs, 31-40 hrs etc, task is working hours of employees in years 1994-2004; Second graph was about number of paid holidays from 2994-2004. We had to compare where relevant.

Task 2 (Essay)
The essay was about protecting animal species from extinction.


The questions were about food, nutritional awareness and the best cook I know

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