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IELTS exam in Thailand – November 2008 (Academic Module)

First, I would like to thank J from Thailand for sharing with us her IELTS experience. Here is what happened:

“The IELTS exam wasn’t that difficult. I did quite okay. However, I wonder about the criteria they use to grade the essay. I’m not quite sure whether I will get 6.0 in Writing test.”

Listening test
1) Conversation between friends. It asked to fill in author name, pictures, and details in the books
2) A guy called advertising agency to create an advertisement for his desk’s
Tasks: short answers (no more than three words), gap filling

Reading test
1) Sign language for deaf children
2) Climate effects on wealth of the nations
Tasks : Gap filling, T F Not Given, matching headings to paragraphs

Writing test

Task 1 (report)
Describe 4 bars charts, single houses, detached houses, terrace houses, and flats in 4 consecutive years

Task 2 (essay)
Discuss both positive and negative sides of fashion clothes.

Speaking test

Introduction about yourself, describe your country and where you live, your favorite gift, handmade gifts

Discuss the stage in your life that you enjoyed the most, when, where, and what you have been doing

Employment, Teenager, Tourism

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