IELTS exam in Nigeria – November 2008 (Academic Module)

CA from Nigeria was very kind and told me what he remembers about the Academic IELTS there:

Writing Test

Task 1 (Report)
It was a bar chart, unfortunately I don’t remember much about it.

Task 2 (Essay)
Many countries of the world are made up of different cultures and ethnic groups, why is this so? Does it have a negative or a positive effect on development of the country?

Speaking test

– Questions about my home town
– What has changed over the past 20 years?
– What does your name mean?
– Why did your parents give you that name?
– Are there names that are common in your country?

Described an animal you have seen. You should say:
– Where you saw it
– when you saw it
– What was important about it

Why do people chose to be vegetarians?
What health problems associated with keeping animals?
Are there many vegetarians in Nigeria?

The examiner was very nice and lively, I enjoyed every moment of my speaking.

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