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IELTS exam in India – December 2008 (Academic Module)

R from India was very kind and told me what he remembers about the Academic IELTS there:

Writing test

Task 1 (Report)
Describe a table that has figures of different transportation means for past years and predicted figures for the future year.

Task 2 (Essay)
Some people help their community directly while others help through national and international organizations. Discuss both ways and give your opinion.

Speaking test

Cue Card
Describe an occasion when you had visitors in your home/office. You should say
– What kind of occasion was it?
– Who were the visitors?
– What were they doing during the visit?

Other candidates were asked about a school, an animal, a lake, and a magazine.

– Do you like to stay at your friends’ homes or in a hotel when you visit in another city?
– What facilities a hotel should provide to its guests?
– What is better, staying in a hotel or with friends?
– How should a hotel recruit its staff?
– How should hotel employees treat customers?

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