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IELTS exam in Australia – November 2008 (Academic Module)

Here is what F from Australia remembers about the recent IELTS exam:

Writing test

Task 1 (report)
Task one was a bar graph. X axis: 4 categories of different housing types (detached/double detached/something else and flats). Y axis: new houses sold in thousands over a period of 4 years on in Somecountry.

Task 2 (Essay)
People in our societies tend to wear more fashionable clothes today then they used to. What do you think are the reasons? What is your opinion about that trend?

Speaking test

What is your hometown, what do you like most about your hometown, how did it change over the last years

What physical activity would you like to do more often (which activity, how often you do it, what are the benefits of doing it more often)

What are the benefits of sports, then public health (how to improve, should governments spend more money in it)

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