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IELTS letter, topic: request for information about a seminar (from Ace the IELTS book)

This letter was written on a topic from “Ace the IELTS” book (page 42, reprinted with permission).

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You would like to participate in a work-related seminar in another country. Write a letter to the person in charge of the seminar and ask for detailed information on the dates, the program, the accommodation and the cost.

Write at least 150 words

You do not need to write your address.

Begin your letter as follows: Dear Sir/Madam,

Dear Sir /Madam,

My name is Samuel Finn and I am writing regarding the upcoming seminar to be held in Toronto, Canada in November this year. I work as a senior executive in a pharmaceutical company and the content of this seminar will provide me with the expert knowledge necessary for my role.

As I live in Australia and it will be an overseas trip for me, I would like some further information about the seminar, such as the duration of the seminar (including the exact dates), and whether or not the agenda for each day and the speakers are different. Also, as I am looking for some inexpensive accommodation close to the seminar venue, it would be very helpful if you could suggest some options. Lastly, I would like to get some information on seminar fees, as well as the typical costs of meals and travel in Toronto. My company will be paying for these, however I need to prepare an estimate in order to get approval to participate in the seminar.

I am planning to finalise the details of my trip soon and it would be great if you could help me with my queries at your earliest convenience.

Yours faithfully,

Samuel Finn

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