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IELTS Letter, topic: Get well wishes for a team-mate

You play sport (e.g. football) for a local team. You recently heard that a player in your team is in a hospital. Write a letter to your team-mate. In your letter:

– Say how you feel about the news
– Ask about the treatment in the hospital
– Suggest some ways of cheering him/her up

Dear John,

sorry to hear that fallen and fractured your leg. It is extremely unfortunate that you had this accident, especially when we are having a big match next week.

I understand that admitted in St. John’s Hospital and will be there for a week. I hope well at the hospital. Although there had been some complaints about St. John’s in the past, I heard they have improved a lot. Did you get to consult their chief orthopaedician? His is in sports medicine and he could probably suggest that will help you.

share some good news with you. Our university has granted a sports scholarship for your studies. I heard it from our coach and you should be getting a letter shortly. So it is not all gloom!

Do let me know if you need any help. I will visit you at the hospital next week. Till then, bye.



This letter covers the requirements of the task, all the bullet points are addressed sufficiently. The information and ideas are presented logically, and the paragraphing is appropriate. Although there are some instances of poor word choice and grammar, most of the sentences are error-free. It is best to avoid using contractions (e.g. you’re, we’re) in IELTS letters. Overall, seems worthy of Band 8.

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I am
you have
you are
you are taken care of
a particular treatment
I’d like to

3 thoughts on “IELTS Letter, topic: Get well wishes for a team-mate”

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  2. Informal letters should use you’ve, you’re, I’m, instead of what you are correcting.
    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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