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IELTS letter, topic: ask the college principal for information about a scholarship (from Ace the IELTS book)

This letter was written on a topic from “Ace the IELTS” book (page 41, reprinted with permission).

You are a student who wants to apply to the Green Pines College. You are experiencing financial problems at the moment.

Write a letter to the Principal of the College explaining your situation and ask for information on scholarships or other means of financial help available.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in regard to scholarships available at the Green Pines College.

Your college is the top of due to its unique reputation, and for that reason I prepared all the required paperwork well before the start of admission process. Even though I believe my likelihood of being accepted is quite high, one challenge might prevent me from enrolling. I was hoping you could guide me in order to overcome it and achieve my goal of studying at your college.

At present I have no source of income to cover tuition fees and study-related expenses. I found myself in this situation for a reason beyond my control: my entire savings were lost in the latest stock market crash.

I am, therefore, writing to request information about any available scholarships that your distinguished college may offer. I am aware of the fact that you often offer some sort of scholarships to cover study costs, at least partially.

In case you do not offer any scholarships, I would appreciate any advice to help me secure the required funds for my study.

I am looking forward to .

Yours faithfully,

Richard Jones

All the requirements of the task were covered well. The points listed in task statement were sufficiently addressed, with ideas in a logical order and cohesion maintained. The paragraphing is appropriate. The writer used a wide range of vocabulary in a skillful and effortless way; errors are very rare in this letter. Overall, this work seems worthy of Band 8.

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