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IELTS Band 8 tips from Dr. Jooty

Our second place winner, Dr. Nitin Jooty from Mauritius, who scored Band 8 in his IELTS exam (with 9 in reading!), wanted to share the following tips with everyone:

Band 8 in IELTS“Reading – Look at the questions, if you are asked to match headings to paragraphs, then read the whole passage. At the same time underline the key words in that passage. If there is no matching headings to paragraphs, read the question, underline key words from the question and look for it or its meaning in the text, then finding the answer is very easy. Remember, if you are answering question number one, then the answer must be around the first paragraphs.

Listening – just pay attention, read the first questions, grasp the important things they will ask you about, for example if the question is about fees – listen for the amount.

Writing – this module is very technical. The first introductory paragraph should say how the essay will be organized. In the first paragraph write only about the advantages asked, use connective words (firstly, secondly, finally, for example, for instance, such as), write all the advantages in the same paragraph. Then start the other paragraph with an expression such as ‘on the other hand’ or ‘on the contrary’, then tell your points, same principle, this time you can write ‘primarily’, ‘secondarily’, and ‘finally’. You should add a lot of adjectives and nouns too, linking words like ‘however, in addition to, henceforth’. To finish up, you can give your views and summarize.

Speaking has been easy for me as I read a lot, so be at ease, when you talk – take your time, and answer in simple English.

Wish all of you best of luck.”

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