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IELTS Results competition winners in May 2012

Are you skeptical about getting Band 8 in IELTS? If you are, you may need to re-think that approach. Every month we prove over and over again, that non-native English speakers CAN achieve Band 8 (or higher!) in IELTS.

This month we have 11 people who won in our “Best IELTS result” competition – here goes:

Academic Module – 1st placeBand 8 in IELTS

  • Leyla Anitra Eide from Norway, Band 8.5 (with Band 9 in Listening)

Academic Module – 2nd place

  • Saransh Saket Tiku from India, Band 8
  • Nitin Jooty from Mauritius, Band 8 (with Band 9 in Reading)
  • Santosh Olakkengil from India, Band 8

Academic Module – 3rd place

  • Sadia Yawar from Pakistan, Band 7.5
  • Ingrida Kurlinkute from Lithuania, Band 7.5 (with Band 9 in Reading)

General Training Module – 1st place

  • Raghunandan Sira from India, Band 8.5
  • Angie Annette Coleman from the UK, Band 8.5

General Training Module – 2nd place

  • Niveditha Stanley from India, Band 8

General Training Module – 3rd place

  • Raymajhi Sudeep from Nepal, Band 7.5
  • Pradip Shetty from India, Band 7.5

Congratulations to the happy owners of these outstanding results! We are sending the special winners’ certificates to your emails, and your IELTS results will be displayed in the IELTS-Blog hall of fame.

Right now the most burning question on your mind must be HOW the winners achieved their scores. And here I want to share something with you.

The people who visit come from all over the world, they belong to different cultures and speak different languages – yet they have something in common. Their kindness, compassion and ability to help others always leaves me speechless. They have never physically met one another, but somehow it doesn’t matter – they just want to make things better for other test takers. This is why I am confident that our winners will be happy to share their secrets, to help others achieve better results in IELTS.

As soon as we hear from them – expect to see another post on the blog, or if you’re subscribed to daily updates – in your mailbox, telling you exactly how people manage to get a high score in IELTS.

P.S. IELTS results competition runs every month, and everyone is welcome to participate. Learn how to enroll here.

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