You can go from IELTS Band 6 to Band 8 by focusing on the right thing (details inside)

Achieving Band 8 in IELTS is anything but easy, and even confident English users consider Band 8 a great score. Anyone who got Band 6 in their first IELTS attempt would think of Band 8 as a very ambitious goal. Well, that didn’t scare Shokhrukh! He started at Band 6 and gradually improved until he scored Band 8 in his fifth test.

To give you a little bit of background, Shokhrukh lives in Uzbekistan, he is a native Uzbek speaker who took the Academic IELTS test and got an Overall Band Score of 8. His Listening score was 9, and Reading 8.5. Shokhrukh enrolled in our monthly IELTS results competition and (not surprisingly!) won. We never miss a chance to interview our high achievers, so here is some advice from Shokhrukh that can help you improve your English and raise your IELTS score:

“First of all, I would like to thank you for arranging such an opportunity for learners all over the world to get together on one platform and share their experience.

My first and foremost advice is to improve the general English before commencing the long journey of IELTS.

I have seen many students stressing out as they are stuck in a particular band score without further improvement. However, they fail to see the truth and instead keep doing tons of practice tests. I personally increased my score from 6.0 in my very first attempt to 8.0 in my fifth try. What helped me here was not doing listening and reading tests everyday, but focusing on my general English.

At first, one needs to feel that his/her grammar and vocabulary are good enough to comprehend the daily topics. I used to name items every time I was in a new environment and it somehow urged me to start the habit of thinking in English. Listening to podcasts and reading novels are also critical to improve the general level, as grammar and vocabulary are more effectively learned from context than textbooks. It is important though to choose the material that suits your current level, otherwise you could be discouraged from learning by some rather tough materials.

Once you feel you don’t have many problems with grammar and vocabulary, you can start learning tips and techniques for IELTS. From my experience, it won’t take long for a person with good general English skills to master the techniques of IELTS.”

We would like to congratulate Shokhrukh on his wonderful achievement and wish him lots of success in everything he does!

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  1. How many time duration has taken to achieve it? Is it full time or part time basis, I meant I am currently working.

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