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Have you ever wondered why some people have to struggle and re-take IELTS several times – while others manage to get it right the first time?

Band 8 in IELTS My personal view, backed up by years of experience with IELTS test takers, is that if a person prepares in the right way and verifies their progress and estimated score before the real exam, they are likely to succeed and get the desired score the first time.

Taking the test again and again harms one’s self-esteem and confidence, not to mention they have to spend all that extra time and money on the exam. This is why it is worth investing in your preparation the first time – just like Vy Bui did.

Vy Bui is a 20-something year old Vietnamese lady, who currently resides in Australia. She took the 1st place in our IELTS results competition in October (Band 8 in the Academic Module). Here is how she describes her IELTS preparation:

“I never had done IELTS before and I was wondering what band score I would belong to. Three years ago a sample test showed that I was at 6.5. Now I had to take the test and I reckoned I had to get at least 6.5. I was so stressed out because I thought 6.5 was too much. I went onto Google and typed in “IELTS band 7” and I discovered your blog.

I was not interested in the practice materials but the practical skills provided by all IELTS takers all over the world. I tried a lot of books but never found useful tips and experiences like this. Some really apply for me. I was so much into the essays that you provided and also the speaking materials.

I got a result of 8.0 Amazing I could not believe it. However, I learnt that you got to select what could be good and what could not work. I had a low self esteem and I did not feel confident at all. After reading the successful case study I got a little bit of hoping that I could get the score I want. And there it goes, thanks Simone, your blog was a brilliant idea to share the IELTS experience across the whole world.

If I didn’t read how people achieved the best score they want I wouldn’t even think about getting a 7.0. Your blog was really useful. I did not read any book except the Cambridge practice test book (no tips in there). It was all your blog that helped me.”

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