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How IELTS-Blog helped Elham get Band 8

Do you remember Elham Khani, our results competition winner? I asked her what resources in IELTS-Blog helped her achieve this beautiful score (Band 8!), and here is her answer:

“Thanks Simone,

I’m absolutely happy with my result and surely IELTS-Blog and you helped me a lot. There are loads of tests for practicing and I used them as much as I could.

I used IELTS-Blog in three ways:

First, the sample writings which I read many times, tried to avoid repeating the same mistakes and memorized some of the sentences.

On the other hand, I received some emails from IELTS-blog which contained latest tests. They were all helpful (especially the speaking samples).

The lessons (in PDF format) were great too. By reading them I understood how to act in speaking test to have better impression.

Sadly, I could not buy the offered book (Target Band 7) due to sanction in Iran (we aren’t allowed to pay through Internet).

Now I recommend IELTS-Blog to every one of my friends (actually a friend of mine suggested it to me) and it’s really much, much cheaper than having a private tutor and it works exactly like that.

Best wishes for you and all of IELTS-Blog users,

Elham Khani”

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