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Here is what helped Alan get Band 8 in IELTS

You probably remember Alan as one of the IELTS Results competition winners. We celebrated their success earlier this month, and Alan took the first place in the General Training group.

Alan lives in India and speaks Hindi as his first language. He came across and subscribed to our daily emails in January this year. When he took the test, he scored Band 8.0, and decided to take part in our monthly IELTS results competition. As a winner, Alan was invited to share his experience, and he wanted to give back and help everyone still studying for the test. Here is what Alan told us about his IELTS preparation, and how you can do well in the test:

“My English proficiency before starting the preparation was at a moderate level, I would say.

With the initial practice assessments I took, I was around Band 7-8 in Listening and Reading, Band 5-6 in Writing, and an estimate of Band 6 in Speaking (based on feedback I received). My weaknesses were writing and speaking, so I concentrated my 2 months of prep on those more than the other sections. I dedicated around an hour a day to preparation.

Some general tips that I found helpful:

– Practice consistently: fix a time in the day (I fixed a time after work to study).

– Book the test in advance when you feel like you are moderately ready. This gives a deadline and a reason to study. Dragging out the preparation might reduce your motivation and confidence.

– Go through the free materials provided when registering for the exam.

– Read the IELTS-blog daily emails

– Focus on your weaknesses

– Do not underestimate the difficulty of the exam. One of my friends (who has better English proficiency than me) ignored the writing letter/essay structure and got Band 6 in the test.

– Take mock tests for Reading and Listening online on websites like to familiarise yourself with the computer-based interface.

– Keep the IELTS assessment criteria in mind while doing tasks

– Track your Listening and Reading practice scores

I hope you found some of my tips useful.”

Thank you very much, Alan, for sharing your advice, and we wish you only the very best!

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1 thought on “Here is what helped Alan get Band 8 in IELTS”

  1. Thank you for this informative and insightful blog post on IELTS! As someone who is currently preparing for these exams, I found your tips and advice extremely helpful.

    Your explanation of the different sections and question types in both tests was clear and concise, making it easier for me to understand what to expect on exam day. I particularly appreciated the strategies you provided for each section, as they gave me a better idea of how to approach my preparation and maximize my score.

    I also found your emphasis on time management and practice to be invaluable. It’s true that IELTS requires not only language proficiency but also the ability to complete tasks within a given timeframe. Your suggestions for effective time management and regular practice are definitely going to be incorporated into my study routine.

    Furthermore, your suggestions for additional resources, such as practice tests and sample questions, are greatly appreciated. Having access to reliable and authentic study materials is crucial for success, and your recommendations will certainly be useful in enhancing my preparation.

    Overall, this blog post has been a comprehensive guide for anyone preparing for IELTS. Your expertise and clarity of information have provided me with a solid foundation to build upon in my journey towards achieving my desired scores. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and insights!

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