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Welcome to our new online IELTS course!

Let me explain in a few words what it’s all about. This course was prepared especially to help people raise their IELTS score. The way it will help students increase their score is completely new, has never been talked or written about before by anybody else.

We all know how important it is to influence your examiner in a positive way, to make a good impression, to help them appreciate your work. In other words, your score largely depends on your image in the assessor’s eyes.

This course will show you how your assessors are thinking, what they are looking at, and how you can build a positive image of yourself in their minds.

How to join

The course is free and everyone is invited. Enter your first name and your email, click “Subscribe” and go check your email for lessons. The lessons are brilliant and will do amazing things for your IELTS score if you study and implement them.

I value your privacy, your e-mail is safe with me.

Here is what you will learn:

Lesson #1: How to create a positive, psychological impression on your IELTS assessors.

Lesson #2: How to write a Task 1 report that will impress your assessors (Academic Module).

Lesson #3: How to write a Task 1 letter that will impress your assessors (General Training Module)

Lesson #4: How to write a Task 2 essay that will influence your assessors positively (Academic and General).

Lesson #5: How to improve your Speaking test score by connecting with your assessor.

Lesson #6: How to optimize your performance in the Listening and Reading tests.

Let’s get you signed up!

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