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Divyansh got Band 9 in Reading and Listening, doing something YOU could easily do

Hi everyone, this is Simone and here is the inspiring success story I am excited to share with you today. The story is about a person who prepared for IELTS while working full time, on his own, and in just one month developed and polished his skills enough to get top scores in Listening and Reading.

Divyansh Sharma lives in India and speaks Hindi. Earlier this year he took the IELTS test and got an Overall Band 8 with two straight 9’s for Listening and Reading. This amazing score secured him the first place in our monthly IELTS Results Competition, and in his winner’s interview he revealed what he attributes his success to. Here is how his journey to Band 8 started, in his own words:

“I followed your High Scorer’s Choice Series for my preparation. In one month, I managed to build up my level as the tests prepared my brain to handle difficult questions in the reading and listening section.

I mostly practiced at home alongside my 9 to 5 job. After two weeks, I was confident in my aptitude and decided to register for my exam.

My tips for achieving a high score in IELTS would be to understand the question and the text rather than relying on tips and tricks on YouTube. Many of the videos offer false guidance and incorrect methods towards the question.

I also advise test takers to follow the news for idea generation. You could read Business Insider and Fox News for your daily digest.”

Truly proud of your success, Divyansh Sharma, well done on that Overall Band 8!

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