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Ziaad achieved an impressive Band 8.0 – here is how he did it

Hello everyone, Simone here, and today I’d like you to meet Ziaad Nuseeb from Mauritius. When Ziaad sent his IELTS test results to enter our monthly IELTS results competition, I had a feeling he was going to win, because he received a Band 8 overall – with an epic 8.5 in Reading!

Ziaad credits a big part of his success to our High Scorer’s Choice practice test series. When he purchased the books, he wrote to us and said, “Thank you a lot Simone and Robert. Very good materials indeed. I finally bought them and am convinced it was a good decision.”

But Ziaad’s own efforts were just as important! He put in the hard work and used these books like a champ. Talk about dedication paying off! His story is a massive inspiration for anyone preparing for IELTS, showing that with the right study resources, you can reach for the stars.

In his winner’s interview Ziaad shared the important parts of his journey that brought him that impressive Band 8.0. These things really aren’t hard to do, but look where they can get you!

Ziaad said,

“First of all I wish to thank you for your materials which were really helpful for exam preparation.


1. Be a voracious reader. Keep reading different texts in different contexts.

2. Attempt all practice exams. Correct them and repeat. Find your weaknesses and keep improving.

3. Listen to BBC world and CNN news regularly. Select and listen to British, Canadian, Australian and American accent. Keep practicing the listening tests until you achieve more than 8.5.

4. Attempt a range of writing practices in different contexts and topics. Let knowledgeable peoplecorrect your tasks.

5. Speak with friends and teachers by practicing the materials provided: at least 10-15 tests.

Once again its hard work which pays off at the end of the day. Perseverance and determination are the keys. Never give up. I did that and I was successful.”

In a world where being an English language pro can open doors, Ziaad’s triumph is a reminder that hard work, mixed with killer study resources, is a surefire recipe for success.

Congratulations on your massive success, Ziaad!

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